Monday 8 December 2008

Update - quilts in the mail

For some reason, some of the quilts seem to be taking a VERY long time in the post this time. I hope this is just them being slow and not anything getting lost. But here's an update for all those of you who haven't had a quilt yet (or who haven't let me know you have - if you've received a quilt, please let me know ASAP!) Some of you I have communicated with privately, but I thought I'd just put all the info in one place to make life easier (for me).

Quilts in the mail:

  • Colene - your quilt was mailed on 6 Nov in the US. I sure hope it isn't lost! [update - your partner is going to assume this quilt is lost (which sucks big time) and make another]
  • Anjea - your quilt was mailed on 8 Nov also in the US. Ditto.
  • Vero - your quilt was mailed on 14 Nov from another country (well - you are the only person in South America in the swap, so that's no surprise!)
  • Karen M- your quilt was mailed on 18 Nov from another country to you.
  • Ruth - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec
  • LisaJo - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec from another country
  • Sharon Z - your quil was mailed on 10 Dec from another country [this is an angel quilt - no sign of your original partner, I'm afraid]

Quilts delayed (I think I have communicated with most of you about these delays):

  • Karen C
  • Lisa R
  • Teresa
  • me!

Hopefully I will soon be able to shorten these lists! Thanks again to everyone for your patience.


Anonymous said...

I sent a package priority mail about three weeks ago (also to a US recipient), who also hasn't received it. Makes me wonder what's up with postal service this year, you know?

No quilt yet... :( *crosses fingers*


Barb's Blurbs said...

Kate, while I have been gifted of my quilt and so has my receiver, I appreciate the time and energy it takes you to keep track of all of these! Plus, you have kiddos at home!!! Thanks! Looking forward to a future trade!

Unknown said...

Thanks I have mine , but I haven`t seen it . I`m working far away from my home ,and can`t sew . But I don`t forget that I must send the quilt for Teresa . Sorry to all . I`m sorry .