Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Many thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in this swap (not too late - you can do it any time up to the deadline), and extra thanks to those who have told friends or blogged about it, or put a button up.

I have now chosen the winners of the ATCs which were an incentive for spreading the word - I made a list of the people in the swap (everyone who signed up as potentially interested got one chance) and added extra chances for those who have blogged it or put up a button. In total, there were 95 names on the list - we have just under 50 people playing (though I left myself off!). I then went to a random number generator and chose 5 numbers - as above. Those numbers equate to the names (drumroll please...):

13 Cathy in Texas
30 Jenny (Quilting Jenny)
38 Joan
67 Penny in Australia
68 Ramona

Penny & Ramona, unless you've moved recently, I know I have your addresses - Cathy and Jen, I might have them somewhere, but can you please just email me anyway to make my life easy, and Joan, pretty sure I don't have yours, so can you let me know, so I can get the ATCs into the post.

I've decided I'm going to reward everyone who manages to actually complete a quilt for this swap, by drawing for a few extra ATCs at the end - I always have extras floating around and it's a little fun additional bonus as a thank you for taking part. Of course, everyone who manages to complete a quilt gets a much better reward than the chance of one of my ATCs - they get a little quilt!

Thanks again for signing up - and do feel free to continue telling friends about the swap - it's not too late...


rlbates said...

Wow, thanks! No, I haven't moved so the address you have is correct. Thanks.

Quiltin Jenny said...

YAY! Thanks so much! I have had a heckuva week, but this makes me smile.

Email on the way.

Winter Wanderings said...

Hurray! I am so excited to be one of your winners!
Now to ge my ALQS quilt finished so I can really swap too!

Thank you Kate for hosting this fun group.

Penny said...

Gosh I am late I have been away, and am again away. Address is the same. Thanks Penny