Sunday 6 January 2013

Missing Quilt Update

Thanks to everyone for the feedback - as Wil mentioned, sending things registered or priority doesn't always help, especially when you are mailing from one country to another. I am feeling a little better today, though, as one quilt has actually arrived (took nearly 2 months to go from the US to Australia - sent priority!) and another, the recipient has let me know that she just realised that because she moved shortly before the swap, she sent me her new address but with the old postcode, which is almost certainly why the parcel hasn't made it to her. It's a shame, but at least it's an explanation. 

Which means that there are 2 quilts which definitely aren't home yet with no reason known - one going from Chile to Brazil and the other, going from New Jersey to Arkansas.   There is also one person I still haven't heard from, so I don't know if she has her quilt or not. 

I'm going to work on putting the reveal together despite the few which haven't quite made it, while working out what to do about those few between now and the end of January.

Many thanks to everyone for your patience.

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