Monday 8 October 2012

Quilt no 49

Tumbling was made in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Think Pink campaigns are everywhere (in the USA) and I hope to encourage everyone to have annual mammograms as well as to do monthly self-breast exams.  Early detection (gulp) leads to a tumbling of emotions but also has a higher cure rate!  This piece that I am swapping in our Another Little Quilt Swap trade began as a design exercise (inspired by directions given in Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter by Katie Pasquini Masopust), borders helped it grow to the 12" x 12" size, fun quilting (very geometric and linear in the background, funky and twisty in the tumbling blocks) with additional twisting and turning embellishment stitched on top) and a slip-cover pocket on the back which converts it easily into a pillow.   I will include the custom-made pillow that fits neatly inside to the lucky person who "wins" Tumbling in our ALQS#7.

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