Tuesday 23 December 2008

Worth Waiting For

This is a photo (Lynda claims it's not a good one) of one panel of the artwork that she created for me for this swap (and for Cyber Fyber) - I've still not seen it in person, as it's gone off to be shown, but it looks amazing from the photo - there are actually three panels, similar to this one, but not identical, so I am getting a lot more than I bargained for (which, in this instance, is a good thing!)

Monday 8 December 2008

Update - quilts in the mail

For some reason, some of the quilts seem to be taking a VERY long time in the post this time. I hope this is just them being slow and not anything getting lost. But here's an update for all those of you who haven't had a quilt yet (or who haven't let me know you have - if you've received a quilt, please let me know ASAP!) Some of you I have communicated with privately, but I thought I'd just put all the info in one place to make life easier (for me).

Quilts in the mail:

  • Colene - your quilt was mailed on 6 Nov in the US. I sure hope it isn't lost! [update - your partner is going to assume this quilt is lost (which sucks big time) and make another]
  • Anjea - your quilt was mailed on 8 Nov also in the US. Ditto.
  • Vero - your quilt was mailed on 14 Nov from another country (well - you are the only person in South America in the swap, so that's no surprise!)
  • Karen M- your quilt was mailed on 18 Nov from another country to you.
  • Ruth - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec
  • LisaJo - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec from another country
  • Sharon Z - your quil was mailed on 10 Dec from another country [this is an angel quilt - no sign of your original partner, I'm afraid]

Quilts delayed (I think I have communicated with most of you about these delays):

  • Karen C
  • Lisa R
  • Teresa
  • me!

Hopefully I will soon be able to shorten these lists! Thanks again to everyone for your patience.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

The quilt that Jane made

Here's a pretty little quilt - I'm not a huge 30s repro fan myself, so this one, I'm actually relatively happy to let go to it's proper owner - but frankly, it's so nice and cheery, I'd still quite happily give wall space (if I had any) to it. Jane made this one, for her partner.

Monday 1 December 2008

Pink & Brown

Here's the little quilt which Becca made for Bonnie (obviously, it has been safely received, or I wouldn't be naming names!). I love this colour combo...

Angel Log Cabin

Here's the lovely piece which Lisa made to stand in for a quilt which seems to have fallen off the radar - I'm glad my quilt hasn't gone missing, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to own this beauty!

Another update

Still waiting on a number of quilts which are in transit to arrive - some of them seem to be taking a VERY long time - perhaps the holiday slow-down has come early this year. If you have received your quilt recently, please be sure to let me know so that I can stop worrying...

Good news on the "angel" front - one of the people who I'd not heard from, I have now heard from, and the quilt she is making will be on the way shortly. And although the other person is still out of touch, Lisa (my Angel!) has made a beautiful replacement quilt (which I really want for myself) which I will post a photo of in a moment, which will also be on the way shortly. We are getting there - thanks again to everyone for your patience!