Saturday 12 January 2013

Grand Reveal

Well, I know it's been a while since the swap finished, and I apologise for the delay in revealing the Grand Reveal - this is partly due to the higher than normal number of quilts which haven't made it home yet, but also partly due in part to just being really really busy and not having the time or energy to write the reveal post. No excuse really, but at least it's a reason.

This round is a little different from previous ones, in that a couple of people in the end chose to keep their own quilts - the swap logistics were quite complicated, as it happened.  But anyway, I think most of the players were fairly happy with how it came out, and hopefully those few who haven't had their quilts yet either will receive them soon or will get a replacement.

Here's how the swapping worked - it's always fun to me to see how it works (even though I already know, more or less - the thing is, I do most of the swapping in a spreadsheet, so although I know who got a quilt by who, I don't always connect them to what that quilt looked like...)  and I'm sure you will all enjoy it as well!

OK,  Quilt no 1 was made by Mary D, who kept it for herself in the end.

Quilt no 2 was made by Wil in the Netherlands, and has just today (or perhaps yesterday) finally arrived to Andrea in Australia. 

Andrea's quilt, no 17, went to Shawn,

And no 48, Shawn's quilt went off to Joanne in Canada. This is one of the ones still outsanding, but hopefully it will make it to her in the fullness of time. 

This is Joanne's quilt, no 37.  It went to live with Maria, also in Canada.

Maria's quilt, Hurricane Season (no 43), was sent to Debra, in the UK. 

And Debra sent her piece, no 36, to Hilde in Brazil. 

Hilde's Dahlia quilt, no 18, went to live with Barbara in Northern Ireland. 

Barbara has been playing in ALQS since round 4, and she's always been really accomodating about taking any quilt at all (sometimes just saying "send me whatever you pick") - this time, she did put her list in order, so I tried to give her something quite near the top of the list.  I do try, when I can!

Here is no 10 - Barbara's quilt Cinnamon Star, which went to Vero in Chile. 

Vero's Quilt, no 52, went to Bev in Brazil. This is one of the quilts which hasn't quite made it to its new owner yet - hopefully it will do so before too much longer.

Bev's quilt, inspired by a drawing her daughter did, went to live with Francine, and the quilt that Francine made

went to live with Mary Jane. Mary Jane made this sweet piece: 

which ended up with Penny in Australia. Penny's quilt

ended up with Sharon Z in Canada, while Sharon sent this piece

to Mary J.  The quilt that Mary J made, no 41, went to Diana,

while Diana's piece, no 14 came to live with Sarah.

Sarah's quilt travelled to Hungary to live with Ildiko,

and Ildi's quilt went to a new home with Denise.

Denise made a quilt for Cobi in the Netherlands

and Cobi's lovely French Knot work went to Misha, in the USA.  Aren't we international?

Misha's quilt, no 45, went to Cathy in Texas,

while Cathy's quilt (one of two made for the swap) went to Sandra in Australia.

Sandra made this piece, which ended up going to Lynda. 

Lynda has played in all of my swaps - in fact, she's one of the four people (including myself) who have taken part in all seven rounds (the others being Wil and Ramona).  Her quilts are often in high demand, and these days, receiving one of hers usually involves a wait while the quilt travels to a show or is photographed for Lynda's latest book.  This one is no exception, but I know that Diane didn't mind the wait.

Diane's own piece, one of the most popular in the swap,  went to Virginia, 

and the piece that Virginia made, equally popular, went to Margaret. 

Margaret's piece, no 29, travelled to Norway to Kjersti

While Kjersti's quilt went to Claudia, in Brazil. This is one of the other pieces which has not yet reached it's new home. Again, we are hoping for the best!

Claudia's quilt went to live with Miriam, 

whose own piece, no 21, went to Scarlett.

Scarlett's quilt ended up going to live with Lyndsay, 

while the piece that Lyndsay made travelled to New Zealand to live with Jan.

Jan made two pieces for the swap, and this one of hers went to Kelly in Minnesota.

Kelly's quilt went to live with Ann B

and Ann's lovely Coffee with Vincent came to England to live in my own upstairs hallway.

My piece, Three Mother Goddesses, went over to New Zealand to Jan as well

and Jan's second pieces for the swap ended up living with Sheila

Sheila's quilt, no 42 went to Germany to live with Sabine,

and Sabine's piece hopped across Europe to make a new home with Wil in the Netherlands.  Sabine's quilt was the most requested piece in the swap - it appeared on 37 preference lists.

And that's the end of this very large swap section.   Just a few more to go!

OK. So, This lovely quilt, no 4, made by Margeeth in the Netherlands, went to Natalie in Alaska,

and Natalie's piece went to live with Mary S.

Mary S's quilt, no 11, went to Sue in the UK

and Sue's piece hopped over to Australia to live with Lisa R.

Lisa's piece went to Marie, 

whose quilt went to Julie W in California.

Julie's quilt came over here to live with Maggi

and Maggie's piece went to Lise S. in Norway.

Lise's piece went to Glenys in New Zealand

and Glenys's no 34 went to Margeeth, which closes that circle.

And finally, quilt no 6 was made by Ramona (another of my faithful swappers, who has been in all rounds!) and went to live with Pam  in the UK

Pam's quilt was sent to Marinez

who sent her piece to Cathy in Texas.

Cathy's second quilt in the swap went to Vreni in Singapore

and Vreni's piece went to Jenn.

Jenn's quilt went to Ramona, and unfortunately, hasn't yet arrived, so we are working on tracking it.

And Melody made a quilt which, in the end, she elected to keep for herself.

And that's Round 7 - perhaps see you in Round 8, some time in 2013.