Sunday 28 June 2009

Quilt no. 10

Cloudhill; 23x19"

The quilt has been constructed with my own hand dyed fabrics along with bali batiks. It is machine quilted and raw edge appliqu├ęd, with some satin stitch and machine embroidery in places. It was inspired by a photo I took earlier in the year at some gardens near where I live and I made a first quilt at a workshop I did in February with an Australian quilter, Gloria Loughman. I loved making and designing it so much that I thought I would do another (although it is a little different to my original)...

Quilt no. 9

Monoprint with Squares; 18x18"

The background is monoprinted with acrylic paint then free-motion quilted with additional media added including organza and mesh. Includes hanging tabs on the reverse.

Quilt no. 8

Untitled; 21x18"; Mostly hand stitched scraps of silks and organza etc done Kantha style.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Quilt no 7

Orca; 20x20"

It is all made from good quality Bali Batiks, hand-dyes and a few pieces of Fairy Frosts for added shimmer. The lower part of the ocean background is free-pieced (9-patch and snail-trail patterns), while the upper part where the wave is, I did using paper piecing and curved free piecing. This is a paper-pieced New York Beauty block that I modified as the quilt's sun. It is quilted in yellow.

The sky of the quilt is free quilted with loose waves in a pale blue thread. All thread ends are knotted and burried, rather than just back stitched and clopped. The wave has curved flying geese which are paper pieced. They are mostly done in soft aqua batiks, but there's a few turquoise Fairy Frosts tossed in for variety & shimmer.

I quilted the wave with two rows of feathers in a medium blue thread. The next lower region of the wave is done in a free-form wave pattern.

The area of the ocean below the whale has large curves and bubbles quilted.

Quilt no 6

Sturt's Desert Pea; 20x20"; stained glass technique

Quilt no 5

Untitled; 22.5x23"

The pattern is from "Bella Nonna Hydrandea Tapestry Petilts"; I chose this in honour of a Hydrangea a friend bought and donated to a children's center for my 40th birthday. The petals are washable but recommended to hand wash . They do not lose their shape and they are all hand sewn on. Beads were then glued on to give them some glamour. I used steam2seam to put the leaves and the stems on and stitched around them. I did the water design where the flower are and straight stitching in the borders. Variegated was used throughout. The piece has a sleeve for hanging.

Quilt no 4

Untitled: 24x24"

Uses a technique called fracturing which the artist has been wanting for some time to try.

Quilt no 3

Untitled: 50cmx50cm

The quilt is made of cotton and tyvek, which I heated and then painted over

Quilt no 2

Three Flowers in a Vase; 18x22.5"

Quilt no 1

Falling Leaves; 12"x23.5"
Background fabric is one of my own handdyes. The leaves are made from sheers on which I used a soldering iron. As quilting design I used a matching leaves design and I did this with a lovely variagated thread. This piece was originally made for the latest Quiltswap organised by Karylee in February 2008

leaf detail

Thursday 18 June 2009


I know most (if not all) of the people potentially playing will have received an email from me already, but just in case, here's a reminder about deadlines: all photos for this swap must be to me by the 20th of July. That's only a little over a month away, folks - yes, I know, that seems improbable, but it's true.

I have some photos in hand, and will begin showing them next week, assuming I ever get some free time!