ALQS5 Quilts


So, here we go - this quilt, made by Wil in the Netherlands, went to live with Julie in California.

Julie's quilt went to live with Judith

While Judith's piece went off to Mary.

Mary's Tic Tac Toe with Kaffe travelled to England to be with Anne,

while Anne's appliqued flowers are now happy at home with Dee in Canada.

Dee's Jiggedy Jig went off to Julie in the UK

While Julie's quilt Hope is now at home with Melody.

Melody's quilt went to Susan

While Susan's piece travelled to Arkansas to be with Ramona.

Ramona's piece, Winter, went off to the Netherlands to live with Wil.

Wil had made two pieces for this swap, and her second one, Dark Night

went off to Lenna in Florida.

Lenna's lovely mixed media piece came over to the UK to live with Plum,

and Plum's Snowy Day quilt travelled to the Netherlands to Maya.

Maya's Memories quilt took a short hop to Margeeth, also in the Netherlands.

Margeeth made two quilts for this swap, and the first of them, this painted wholecloth, went to Hazel.

Hazel's quilt, Doodle, which was one of the most popular choices, went to Norway to Kjersti,

And Kjersti's quilt went off to Margeeth. Kjersti's quilt was also among the most frequently chosen quilts!

Margeeth's second quilt went to Lisa in Australia.

Lisa's quilt nipped across Australia to Penny

whose piece Desert Country went on to Tina in the UK. Penny also made another quilt for this swap - more of that one later.

Tina's Little Elephant went to Julie M, also in the UK. This again was one of the most popular choices of quilts.

Julie's shibori & beaded piece, which was the most popularly listed quilt among everyone's preferences, ended up in the Netherlands with Wil.


This burnt edge quilt made by Peggy (which I have to say looks fabulous in person) came to live at my house, while one of my quilts

went to Robyn.

Robyn's Twirling Tree quilt, one of two she made, went to Penny in Australia,

while Penny's Gold Fish quilt went to Sabine in Germany.

Sabine's owl quiltlet also went to Robyn, while Robyn's second piece,

Sashiko Still Life, went to Margaret.

Margaret's quilt went to Shelina (who was another person who made two quilts for this swap)

and Shelina's quilt, Mind, went to Peggy.

Glenys in New Zealand made this lovely piece

which went to live with Lynda in England

Lynda's men in corsets went to Sharne

And Sharne's Winter Sunset went to Glenys.

OK, last section!

Sandra made this piece, which went to Natalie

while Natalie's quilt went to Sarah

and Sarah's quilt went to Lisa W.

Lisa's quilt went off to Shelina

and Shelina's stitchery went to Barbara in Northern Ireland

Barbara's quilt travelled a long way (and took its sweet time!) to get to Vero in Chile,

and Vero's piece went to Pamela.

Pamela's piece went to Jessica in Australia

Jessica's quilt, Pure, went to Vreni in Singapore

Vreni's lovely tree with blossoms came to live with me

while my little wholecloth piece, Underwater, went to Sandra.

And that, ladies, is that. Another successful (I hope) round.