Saturday 24 December 2011

Grand Reveal ... coming soon

I know you are all (well, maybe not right at the moment as I'm sure everyone is very busy!) eagerly awaiting the post which will show who made what, and who received it, and I am hoping to get to that over the Christmas holiday. We have, unfortunately, one quilt which doesn't seem to have made it to its new owner safely, but she has encouraged me to go ahead with the Grand Reveal anyway. I'm hoping it's just very slow - we've had slow ones before - but there's a chance it's gone walkies. Sigh.

One other is travelling out and about to a variety of shows and being photographed for a book and what not before eventually making its way to its new home, but the recipient of that quilt knows all about it, so a Grand Reveal won't spoil any surprises there.

Anyway, many thanks again to those who took part and made this swap successful, and especially thanks for the effort almost all of you have made to keep me in touch with what's happening!