Friday 30 September 2011

Quilt no 17

Machine pieced, appliqued and quilted, except the beads, which are handstitched. 100 % cotton fabric.

Quilt no 16

This quilt was made as part of a Motown challenge: we had to create a quilt depicting a Motown song - I chose "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. This one is 17x18, pieced and applique. You can't see them but there are cats outline-quilted in the musical border.

Monday 26 September 2011

Little Extension...

Well, the deadline for photos is a week away, 3rd October - and I don't know about you (other than the 15 people who have sent photos and the several more who have said theirs are coming very soon), but I'm not done with my piece. I'd really like an extra weekend to get mine finished up, wouldn't you?

So... a little extension to the deadline, just one week, but it will give the extra weekend.

Photos are now due on 10th October 2011.

Apologies to those who were organised enough to meet the original deadline - but hopefully this will simply mean that many more quilts to choose from!

Quilt no 15

Ever Decreasing Circles
approx 20x20"
Hand dyed cotton, printed and stencilled with Markal paint sticks and Lumierre paints. Finished with hand embroidery and beading.

Quilt no 14

approx 20x9"
Inspired by a piece called 'Yellow Ships- Sea of Tunis and Taormina' by Hundertwasser. A mixed media hanging, machine stitched and quilted.

Quilt no 13

approx 20x20"
Made with 100% cotton top, backing, binding and thread, fusible batting. It has been straight-line quilted along horizontal & vertical lines of the block.

The colours as shown in the detail photo are much truer to the actual colour of the quilt.

Quilt no 12

Sewing Notions
size tbc
Machine pieced with hand stitching to depict the 'notions'. Notice the scissors has a 'scissor keeper' which hangs freely.

Sunday 18 September 2011

Quilt no 11

Lucky Sixes
The backing fabric is almost the last of one of the very first quilting fabrics I bought -- I had quite a bit of it and it showed up in a lot of quilts over the years!

Quilt no 10

A Bird's Eye View
Machine pieced. Hand quilted with a variety of embroidery threads.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Quilt no 9

Tennis Anyone?

Quilt no 8

Lone Melody
The quilt is 100% cotton except for the beads, machine pieced, hand quilted. Sewn in label on the back and a 2" hanging sleeve sewn in.

Quilt no 7

Mariner Compass Rose
Hand pieced. Machine and hand quilted.

Quilt no 6

The Nikau palm is the only palm species endemic to mainland New Zealand. The worlds most southern Palm. Silk in centre, borders and backing in cotton. Silk is hand painted/dyed and stenciled, free machine embroidered and hand embroidered and seed beads (Pink seed flowers)

Friday 2 September 2011

Quilt no 5

Autumn Blooms
Origami flowers with beaded centers placed on a pieced background. Machine quilted in a swirly pattern. Machine appliqued leaves and stems.

Quilt no 4

This quilt is machine pieced and quilted, and is called Monarchs because my patterned fabric is Monarch Butterflies and was the focal for the rest of the quilt.

Quilt no 3

Vintage Fragments
Fragments of vintage wools, silks and rayons from century old Japanese kimonos. Some of the wool fragments were darned and patched during their useful lifetime, and I have hand stitched these frayed fragments onto a silk backing

Quilt no 2

This quilt has some rusted fabric which was almost impossible to hand sew through! and also some hand dyed and some commercial fabrics. Fused with hand and machine stitching.

Quilt no 1

Undersea Jewels
It was inspired by an article in a magazine from 2006 by designer Susan Purney-Mark. The fabric strips are woven together then machine stitched on to the batting. I used variegated green rayon and a feather stitch to stitch along each side of every strip in the weaving. After adding the border I hand appliqu├ęd some fish and seaweed, then added buttons for eyes and bubbles.