Saturday 30 October 2010

Round 5!

Well, I did say I'd open a new round in October, and it looks like I'm sneaking in by the skin of my teeth... This round will be a little different in that we are going to do journal-quilt-sized quilts (i.e. the size of a piece of copier paper). They do not have to be journal quilts per se - you can make the style or subject anything you feel like - but I wanted to try something that size and see what happened. If you are interested, please read the rules thoroughly - they are in a tab across the top. And let me know if there are any questions! I hope to see lots of you from previous rounds join in - and some new faces as well, of course.

If journal-quilt-sized work is a little small for you, don't worry, I plan to return to the somewhat larger size we've been working with in the past for the next round. Which will be in the spring some time.