Tuesday 23 December 2008

Worth Waiting For

This is a photo (Lynda claims it's not a good one) of one panel of the artwork that she created for me for this swap (and for Cyber Fyber) - I've still not seen it in person, as it's gone off to be shown, but it looks amazing from the photo - there are actually three panels, similar to this one, but not identical, so I am getting a lot more than I bargained for (which, in this instance, is a good thing!)

Monday 8 December 2008

Update - quilts in the mail

For some reason, some of the quilts seem to be taking a VERY long time in the post this time. I hope this is just them being slow and not anything getting lost. But here's an update for all those of you who haven't had a quilt yet (or who haven't let me know you have - if you've received a quilt, please let me know ASAP!) Some of you I have communicated with privately, but I thought I'd just put all the info in one place to make life easier (for me).

Quilts in the mail:

  • Colene - your quilt was mailed on 6 Nov in the US. I sure hope it isn't lost! [update - your partner is going to assume this quilt is lost (which sucks big time) and make another]
  • Anjea - your quilt was mailed on 8 Nov also in the US. Ditto.
  • Vero - your quilt was mailed on 14 Nov from another country (well - you are the only person in South America in the swap, so that's no surprise!)
  • Karen M- your quilt was mailed on 18 Nov from another country to you.
  • Ruth - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec
  • LisaJo - your quilt was mailed on 1 Dec from another country
  • Sharon Z - your quil was mailed on 10 Dec from another country [this is an angel quilt - no sign of your original partner, I'm afraid]

Quilts delayed (I think I have communicated with most of you about these delays):

  • Karen C
  • Lisa R
  • Teresa
  • me!

Hopefully I will soon be able to shorten these lists! Thanks again to everyone for your patience.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

The quilt that Jane made

Here's a pretty little quilt - I'm not a huge 30s repro fan myself, so this one, I'm actually relatively happy to let go to it's proper owner - but frankly, it's so nice and cheery, I'd still quite happily give wall space (if I had any) to it. Jane made this one, for her partner.

Monday 1 December 2008

Pink & Brown

Here's the little quilt which Becca made for Bonnie (obviously, it has been safely received, or I wouldn't be naming names!). I love this colour combo...

Angel Log Cabin

Here's the lovely piece which Lisa made to stand in for a quilt which seems to have fallen off the radar - I'm glad my quilt hasn't gone missing, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to own this beauty!

Another update

Still waiting on a number of quilts which are in transit to arrive - some of them seem to be taking a VERY long time - perhaps the holiday slow-down has come early this year. If you have received your quilt recently, please be sure to let me know so that I can stop worrying...

Good news on the "angel" front - one of the people who I'd not heard from, I have now heard from, and the quilt she is making will be on the way shortly. And although the other person is still out of touch, Lisa (my Angel!) has made a beautiful replacement quilt (which I really want for myself) which I will post a photo of in a moment, which will also be on the way shortly. We are getting there - thanks again to everyone for your patience!

Sunday 23 November 2008

Mailing update

Most of the little quilts have now been mailed and are winging or swimming (or crawling, it seems, in many cases!) their way toward their recipients. There are 7 quilts which have yet to be mailed. One is the one which is coming to me, which is going to go off and be Famous in a Big Show first. Two are the two which I've mentioned where the makers have fallen completely out of touch and which I now have angels for (thanks again for ALL the offers!). The other four are instances where I know what's happening - some family crises, illness, and so on. I have resisted say whose quilts are on the way and who will have to wait a bit longer as I know you guys would all like the element of surprise (though in some cases, I have contacted you personally or responded to queries) - if you are at all worried, please feel free to contact me - but I am keeping an eye on things, so don't panic!

Black & white & polka dots

Here's the quilt Tanner made for John - the photo is from John (who always takes great funky shots). Such a lovely variety of quilts we are seeing here!

Cosy Log Cabin

Here's the quilt Sharon Z (Canada) made for her partner - another lovely little log cabin. Can't remember off the top of my head if her partner has had it yet, so I won't mention who it's for, just in case. Whoever it's for, is lucky!

Saturday 22 November 2008

Streak of Lightning

Here's the great little streak of lightning quilt the other Kate* made for her partner. Don't you love the way the lightning bolt lenths are varied, more like real lightning? This is a fun little quilt; another I'd be pleased to give a home to!

*Sorry Kate C, but as the hostess, I get to be "Kate" and you have to be "the other Kate", LOL!

Friday 21 November 2008

Swap expectations

Please feel free not to read this. But I thought that it was appropriate to share a few thoughts about just what is and is not acceptable to me as hostess in terms of quilts with issues or problems in one of my swaps. Please note that these remarks do not refer to any one specific quilt!!

  • quality varies. We are all differently abled. This is a swap, you take risks that the piece you receive will be not quite as good as you might have done yourself. If you can't live with that, you shouldn't join a swap. HOWEVER, there are some things which I think are unacceptable. Open seams. Holes. Quilting which has caused folding or rucking on the FRONT of the quilt (on the back, we can allow some leeway). Binding which isn't attached all the way. Bleeding on a quilt which has been washed. Points chopped off so badly that it's not apparent what the design was. A quilt which is susbstantially below the minimum size requirement.
  • I ask for preferences at the start of a swap to give guidelines to the maker. I would expect that any strong preferences be adhered to, especially negative ones. For instance, if you say you love purple and green, I wouldn't necessarily expect the maker to make a purple and green quilt (though it would be great if they did) but if you said you hated yellow, the maker should not make you a yellow quilt. I ask people not to be too picky about their preferences, to give the maker some leeway, but I also expect the maker to avoid Sunbonnet Sue if you say you hate her. Fair's fair.
  • If you mention a style you particularly like (log cabin, samplers, circles) then the maker has a chance to follow this preference, but is not obliged to. This is a swap, after all - if you only want one specific thing, you should make the quilt yourself.
  • If you receive a quilt which is made well, but isn't really "you", that's disappointing, and please feel free to write and tell me about it, because it may inform my decisions about partners for future swaps, who is allowed to play, etc, but it's not really cause for receiving a new quilt. I would only ask for an angel quilt in the event of substantial problems with the quality of the piece (and believe me, I would ask for photos or to have the quilt sent to me as proof) or, of course, non-receipt.
So, how can you avoid having to worry that your quilt might not be "good enough"?
  • Firstly, look at your partner's preferences. Make sure to note anything obvious. Buy fabric if you have to. Ask questions from the hostess if you don't really understand what sort of thing your partner likes. Haunt her blog.
  • Second, don't try a new technique on a piece you are making for someone else. Stick with what you know. And don't be too ambitious - it's better to produce a well-made simple piece than something really fancy which doesn't work.
  • Third, be honest when signing up about your quilting ability - if you are a beginner, say so. The hostess will partner you with another beginner so that your finished projects will be more comparable.
  • Fourth, be honest with yourself when your quilt is finished. Would you be happy to receive this piece from someone else?

I want this one!

Isn't it fab? This arrived recently with Trisha, from Kerry. Kerry has done a fabulous job - and unfortunately for me, Trisha loves the quilt, so there's no chance she'll be willing to send it my way. Darn!

Another missed one!

Here's another lovely quilt I managed to miss posting a photo of before - this is the quilt Ann J made for her partner, Trish. Ann both made and received a pineapple quilt - how funny is that!

One I missed along the way...

Here's one that somehow fell through the net before - it was made and mailed some time ago - made by Amy M for Tracy (and now received). Not quite sure how I managed to miss posting a photo, but I'm trying to catch up with everything tonight, so here's one a bit late!

Enough Angels!

To all those who have responded about this - thank you very much for your kind offers of being angels, I was overwhelmed with them. I'll try to let everyone know by the end of the weekend if their help is needed - I am still hoping - perhaps overly optimistically - that I might hear from the two people in question. But thank you, you are all very generous.

I did have a question about my mention of a poor quality quilt - please don't sit around worrying that this might be your piece. If I ever feel it is necessary to replace a quilt on the grounds of quality, I will contact the individual concerned, privately. So, if it's you, you'd know in a discreet way and if I don't contact you, it's not you. Simple as that.

If you have concerns about a piece that you receive (which is very rarely the case) please don't feel you can't raise them with me. That's what I'm here for.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Update on swap stuff

I know a lot of you are still waiting on your quilts - there are quite a few in transit at the moment, so many of you can expect something squishie in the post very soon. If you have received a quilt recently, please be sure to let me know - there are a few which I will be chasing up soon as it seems like they should surely have reached their new owners by now, even given the slowness of the postal systems at the moment!

There are also a few people who have not yet mailed a quilt. In six instances, I know about this, and am keeping an eye on it - we all know life happens and things like sick children and deaths in the family of course have to come first. There are, however, unfortunately, two people who I have been unable to contact in regard to the quilt they are making. I have tried tonight leaving comments on their blogs one last time (and I do hope nothing is wrong in either of these cases) but it's possible - likely, even - that I am going to need an angel [that is, someone to make an extra quilt for no other return than my eternal gratitude] - I do have one volunteer angel already and would make the other piece myself except I have already angel-ed for this swap for someone who received a very poor quality piece. If you think you might be able to help out, please email me...

If you haven't yet received your mini, feel free to email me and I can let you know whether it is on the way or not - you may, of course, prefer not to know, so it's more of a surprise, and I will be keeping an eye on all the quilts which have been mailed and checking up if they don't seem to arrive in a timely fashion, so you don't have to panic, thinking something has gone astray. There were a LOT of late quilts this time around - which is understandable this time of year, if a little disappointing. That said, there have also been some really lovely pieces made, which I am delighted to see.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Teresa's Mini

This one was made by (wait for it!) Teresa - I love the leaf buttons she's added. Another pretty little quilt. A few more to go, but not too many now. Don't forget to let me know if you send or receive a quilt!

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Chaos Theory

...is the name given this lovely piece by its maker, Annette - she has a close-up on her blog as well, so be sure to hop over there and check it out. It may be a little late, but it's worth waiting for! Another one I wish were mine. Not that I won't love mine - I know I will - I just want all of them, I guess!

Multi-coloured whirlygigs

Great little mini, isn't it! I wish this one were coming to me. It was made by Lynda B. Yeah, Lynda...

Sunday 16 November 2008

Rail fence

This little piece was made by Melinda for her partner.

I'm happy to say that most of the quilts are on their way - a few are still in progress, and one or two, I'm still waiting to hear about. Thanks to all of you for your patience!

Friday 14 November 2008

First Frost

Here's a lovely piece - made by Debbie L for Cathy W - I can say who it's for, as it has been successfully received. I love the frost...

Thursday 13 November 2008

Trip around the world

This trip around the world is taking a little trip around the world - from Bonnie, to ... somewhere else! Be on the lookout!

Pink bliss

Here's a lovely pink quilt made by Solidia - I'm not the number one pink fan in the world (though I like it more as I get older) but this one, I'd gladly give wall-space to! It's off to a new home now, in a foreign country to where it was created... Bon voyage!


Hello all - most of you have let me know about mailing your quilts (or for those running a bit late, who seem to be rather a large number this round, about your progress), but can the following two people please contact me as soon as possible as I haven't been able to reach you by email:

  • Karen M
  • Karla
Also, if you have mailed your quilt off and not told me, please let me know. Likewise, if you have RECEIVED a quilt and not told me, please also let me know. And remember to thank your partner. If no email address or blog was included, contact me and I'll provide the appropriate email address for you.

Hearts & stars

And here's the quilt made by Anne B for her partner - it's on the way across the water - but I shan't say which water!

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Feathered Star

This feathered star (great fabric in the star, isn't it!) was made by Silvia for her partner. So many quilt pics coming in now and quilts being mailed off - hopefully many of you will soon be very happy to get a squishie in the post!

Purple Hydrangea

This piece was done by Cathi G - and as I said to her, it almost inspires me to rush off and make hexagons myself. Not quite, but wow, what a result.

Crossed Canoes

...at least I think that's the name of this type of pattern. Regardless of that, it's a great piece, isn't it - I love the colours. Samantha has sent this off to her partner, who is a lucky, lucky person!

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Box of Chocolates

Another lovely quilt - this one made by Michelle - and see how nicely it goes with the one Charlie made? LOL! Both their partners will be lucky to receive these little gems.

Chocolate Box

Here's Charlie's quilt - he forgot to take a photo of it bound, but I wanted to show you a photo of it anyway, for one thing because it's a great little quilt, and for another thing, because it goes so nicely with the quilt Michelle made (next post).

Batik triangles

Dig the great colours in this piece - it really pops. This is the quilt Susan made for her partner. Lovely.

Monday 10 November 2008

Fruits of the Forest

Here's another fab quilt - this one made by Narelle in Australia. I love this. I know, I know, I say that a lot. Can you blame me?

Country Beauty

Here's another finished piece - this one done by Mary - it's largely hand-pieced & quilted. I wish I could have all the quilts from this swap, but I guess that wouldn't be totally fair...

Retro Hourglasses

Here's another lovely piece, this one made by John, for his partner. Got a few pictures to post today - hope you all enjoy them!

Saturday 8 November 2008

Emerald Circles

Another finished little quilt - this one is for Trisha's partner - more photos over on Trisha's blog...

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Green goodness

Here's a pretty little thing - Barb E's quilt for her partner - on its way to a new home very soon...

Thank yous

Just a quickie to remind everyone to please let your partner (the one who made a quilt for you) know when you receive the quilt - if the maker didn't include an email address or you can't leave a comment through her/his blog (all listed in the sidebar here) email me and I will send you the right email address to use!

Streak of Lightning!

Ok, a very gentle streak - isn't it pretty? This is the quilt that Tina made - off to its new home!

Monday 3 November 2008

Butterflies in Flight

Here's another lovely quilt - more butterflies - from Trish in Canada to her partner.

Sunday 2 November 2008

Log Cabin Star

Here's another lovely piece (am I using the word lovely too much? What else can I say!), this time made by Gabriele - it's on its way to someone in another country - easy to say in this instance as I think she is our only German player this time around...

Zen Garden

Here's another lovely piece - this one made by Paula. The bad thing about swaps like these is the intense quilt envy created by all these pieces I know aren't coming to me!

Friday 31 October 2008

Quilt with cat

Here's another little finished piece, with a cat embroidery in the centre - this piece is for Amy S, made by Meredith.

Blue and white star

Here's Andrea's finished quilt - another beauty. I would covet this one if I weren't lucky enough to have another mini quilt made by Andrea already (actually, I still wouldn't mind having this one, if it came down to it!)


That's the title given to this absolutely exquisite little mini made by Margaret for Emma in Australia. (The quilt having been safely received I can now say who it was destined for.) Emma has put loads of detail photos on her blog, so do go check it out.

Thursday 30 October 2008

Kangaroo's Paw

This quilt (photo taken on a phone, so I'm sure it's even more beautiful in person) was made by Margaret in Australia for her partner - another lovely quilt! Margaret has no blog, which is a shame, as I'm sure we'd all love to see more of her work...


Another super quilt - this one from Lisa R - she says she'll be mailing it in a week or so as she wants to show it to some friends in person first - I can see why!

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Fantasy in Lime Green and Purple

Another finished quilt - this one I am particularly thrilled to see finished because I made it - one more thing off my list, yippee! This will be going out to my partner tomorrow or Thursday...

Another lovely finish

This quilt was made by Elizabeth for her partner - another great quilt.

Outback Silhouette

I want this one :) Once again, I'm saying that a lot. You guys are so lucky - what great quilts we are getting!

This one was created by Emma for her partner.

Little geese flying to a new home

Here's a lovely little quilt made by Lorraine for her partner - great fabrics, aren't they!

Monday 27 October 2008

Little cat quilt

Here's another little quilt - I spied this one lurking on Julie's blog and nicked the picture to post over here. I like cats ok, though I'm not a fanatic, but I'd happily give this one some wall space (not that I have a lot of wall space going spare, mind you...)

Little squares...

Here's another finished quilt - yes, I've been busy, but also they are coming in thick and fast now. Lots of finished quilts to show. This one was made by Tracy for her partner - almost typed the name on this one, but won't as it's not been received yet!

Herfst in onze straat

That's "Autumn in our Street" - Margeeth's quilt for Gina - another beautiful autumnal effort. Keep 'em coming, ladies and gents!

Wonky Pineapple Blues

That's the official title given this piece by the maker, Lisa Jo. It's a great little quilt - yet another one I'd be happy to own myself. Soon it will be on its way to its new home - lucky new owner!

Butterfly Garden

Here's the lovely little quilt that Karen made for Lynda - more photos on Lynda's blog - Karen doesn't have one, unfortunately. Do go check out the closeups on Lynda's blog...

Thursday 23 October 2008

Japanese Bees

That's the title of this little quilt which Liliane has produced for her partner - another truly lovely work. I have some of the fabric she has used as a border print - makes me want to dig it out and use it for something!

Butterflies and Flowers

Here's another lovely finished quilt - this beauty is on it's way to... well, come on, I'm not gonna tell you that! This quilt was made by Gina - isn't it great?

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Jolly Roger

A mini quilt made for Toni (you probably guessed that from the subject matter) by Anjea. Aaar.