Friday 11 April 2014

Grand Reveal

Now that all the quilts are safely home, I can show who made what and where the quilts all went to live (I like this part, especially when all the quilts have arrived at their new destinations safely).

So.  Here we go:

Quilt no 1, "Love"

was made by Tena, and was claimed by Debra, who made Quilt no 16, "Summer Plates".

Summer Plates flew off to live with Mary Jane, while Mary Jane's quilt, no 11

went to Beth. Beth's quilt, no 26,

went to Barbara C in Northern Ireland. Barbara is a regular player in the swap - she's been in since Round 4... In this round, her quilt (no 28)  went to Marei.

The quilt that Marei made, Early Spring (no 17) went to live with Jenny,

while Jenny's lovely piece (no 35) flew off to hang out with Di. I'd love to see this one in person (well, I'd like to see all of them in person, but I reckon this is the type of quilt which would show so much better in the flesh. So to speak.)

The piece that Di made (no 6)  for this swap went to Lynda in the UK

And Lynda's "Life's too Short to Dance with Ugly Men" (no 15) went to Wil in the Netherlands. Lynda holds a joint position of honour - she's one of two people to have played in every single round of my ALQS (well, if I count myself, one of three people). Here's the piece she made:

Wil has also played in a lot of swaps - all but one round - though she's submitted two quilts to several rounds, so she might hold the record for most quilts submitted in my swaps. (Or again, that might be me, though that doesn't really count...)  Her Windmills (no 2) went to California to live with Julie.

Julie's quilt, no 14, went to Cathy in Texas, who actually made (and therefore received) two quilts for the swap.

No 29, Kindness Multiplies, ended up with Margaret in the UK. Here it is:

Margaret's quilt, no 9, went to Scarlett in Chile.

Scarlett's quilt was the last one home, which I was waiting to hear about - partly because she was on holiday when the quilts needed mailing, so it went out late, and partly because it was going to its destination from South America, and in this round, it's the only quilt coming from South America (one other player lives there, at least part time, but was able to mail to and from the UK) - in the last round there were 3 or 4 South American players.  Anyway, here's the quilt Scarlett made - no 33.

This quilt went to Marie, who made Mason's Wheel, quilt no 31, a quilt claimed by Mary S. This quilt was one of the most popular ones - it appeared on many lists.

Mary S is another player who has been in the past 5 rounds or so - one of my "regulars" - between us regulars, we have an amazing collection of little quilts! In this round, Mary made two quilts. This one, no 7 (Citrus Peel), went to Pam in the UK.

Pam's quilt "On a Summer's Day" was no 12 and went to Joan.

Joan's contribution to this round was no 10, Tree Bones, which went to Hilde in the Netherlands.

And Hilde's own quilt, Cherry Chirps (no 21), which was the most popular of all, went to Sarah.

Sarah's quilt, also a very requested piece, flew off to Andrea in Australia. It's no 4:

Andrea's quilt "In the Yard" was no 25, and went to Norway to be with Kjersti O (yes, I have two Kjerstis in this swap!). This Kjersti is another of my regular players, and has also been with me for 5 rounds now. The other Kjersti is new (but hopefully will play again).

The quilt which Kjersti O made was called Angel (no 27) and went to live with Mary J.

Mary J's quilt "Thank you Katharine G" (no 23) in turn went to Mary S

and Mary S's second quilt "She Rules the Barnyard" (no 8) went to Penny in Australia. 

Penny has also been with the swap for about 5 rounds, and this time, she made this quilt, no 22, "Where is my Space" which went off to Misha. 

Misha's quilt was no 30, "The Batik-A Triangle" and went to Rosie, 

whose quilt The Buzzing of the Bees (no 20) came to live with me. 

My own quilt, no 32, went to live with Sophie (I have a quilt from Sophie from a previous round, so it was fun to send one to her).

Sophie's quilt (no 5) went to Barbara F.

and the quilt that Barbara made (no 18) went to Margaret in Australia.

Margaret's Stained Glass quilt (no 13 - Desert Rose) went to Kjersti B. 

Kjersti made quilt no 19, which went to Ramona, my other player who has been in every round. 

Ramona's piece for this swap, Up and Down the Stairs (no 3) went to Tena, which brings us back to the end of that loop. Whew.

Amazingly, almost all of the quilts fit into that big loop, with the except of two, which were a direct swap.  Cathy's second quilt, no 34"Aloha Friend" went to Lisa in Australia

while Lisa's quilt (no 34) went to Cathy in Texas.

And that, as they say, is that. Thanks once again to everyone who played and I'll hope to see you (eventually) for round 9...

Thursday 10 April 2014

Safely home...

All little quilts now safely home with their new owners (yippee!) - soon, I will post a "Grand Reveal" - i.e. who made what and sent it to whom. Which is always fun.  Thanks again to everyone for playing in this round - hope you are all happy with your little pieces.