Monday 24 August 2009

Most quilts home safe...

I have heard from most of you now that you have received your new quilts (yeah!) - all quilts have either been mailed (or in one case, swapped in person at the FoQ - at least I assume that swap did take place). According to my records, the following people may not yet have received their quilts - please let me know if you have, so I can tick it off my list.

  • Margeeth
  • Pippa (swapped?)
  • Lynda (swapped?)
  • Penny
  • Kathy
  • Patsy
Likewise, if you aren't on the list, but haven't received a quilt, please let me know -I think I've got it all straight, but would hate for anyone to fall through the cracks.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Out of touch, perhaps!

Just a quick note to say I have no internet connection at home at the moment, and it could be 3-5 working days before I do - let's hope not. Anyway, I will be checking in, using the library and other alternatives, but it won't be as regularly and my responses won't be as quick. So don't worry, if you don't hear from me!

Saturday 15 August 2009

Quilts on the way...

Hello again all - according to my notes, all the quilts have now been posted (and some received) to their new owners (except one, which is going to pass from artist to owner in person at Festival of Quilts) - please don't forget to let me know when you receive your quilt - and if you need a contact email for your partner to send a thank you, just let me know and I'll be happy to provide one. A lot of you have blogs (links in the sidebar), so can be contacted that way.

Hope you all enjoy your new pieces of art!

Sunday 9 August 2009

Mailing reminder

Many of you have already been in touch about mailing your quilts to your partners (you know who you are) - if you have not yet let me know can you please email me as soon as possible with information about when your quilt went/is going in the mail. Next week I'll be starting to chase you up personally. Everyone except Marta (whose partner is away on holiday) should now have the address to which they are meant to be sending their quilts - if you do not have the address, let me know straightaway and I will send it again!

Monday 3 August 2009

Question about secrecy!

Me again - my posts are like buses these days - none for ages, then loads come at once!

Anyway, it's just come up in conversation that some people might have expected this swap to remain "secret" until quilts were actually received in the post. As I knicked the swap format from the yahoo group quiltswap, I had never intended to do it that way, but had simply intended to post a list of who got what quilt, once I had matched them up (which is what I did). I've just re-checked my guidelines/rules for the swap and it doesn't specify which way it would be (whew!), so I don't feel too bad about doing it this way, though my apologies if it surprised you, if you were thinking you'd not know what quilt you'd be receiving until it showed up.

More to the point, a question - when this swap runs again, which would you prefer? Would you rather know once a decision has been made, which quilt you'll be lucky enough to receive or would you rather wait until it arrived on your doorstep? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar - anyone can vote, whether or not you took part in this swap and whether or not you plan to take part in any future ones. Just curious what most people would prefer!

Addresses sent - mostly

I have now emailed everyone with the details of who they should sent their quilt to, with the exception of the following people, where I am waiting to hear back from your partner to confirm their postal address:
  • Ramona
  • Sherry
  • Margaret S-G
  • Julie
  • Rae
  • Marta
  • Kathy
If your name is not on the above list and you have not received an email from me, let me know and I will try again.

Sunday 2 August 2009


This was actually much easier than I expected as you all are sensible enough to have different taste in quilts! As I said before, I won't go into detailed statistics, as that doesn't seem fair and anyway, it's too tedious, but I was able to give everyone at least one choice (several people made more than one quilt) which was high up in their list. I think the lowest was 5th or 6th for those only receiving one quilt back from this swap and for those receiving more than one, at least one was in the top 4 or 5 (that said, not everyone ranked their list - a few sent them to me in numerical order).

I have checked and double checked this list - both against my spreadsheets and against the emails you sent me and I am fairly sure I didn't make any mistakes, or assign two quilts to anyone (except those who made two) or leave anyone off (including myself, as I didn't really have a written list) so I do hope you are all happy. I will be sending you, shortly, information about mailing addresses - perhaps not tonight for everyone, as I'm not sure I have everyone's details to hand and a few people may be away.

So, here we go.

Quilt no 1 (Falling Leaves), made by Wil in the Netherlands, will be going to Emma in Australia.
Quilt no 2 (Three Flowers in a Vase), also made by Wil, will be going to Rho in America .
Quilt no 3 (Untitled - orange leaf on blue background), made by Margeeth in the Netherlands, will be going to Ramona in America.
Quilt no 4 (Untitled - fractured technique in yellows and blues), made by Ramona, will be going to Rae in Australia.
Quilt no 5 (Untitled - 3D Hydrangeas), made by Sherry in Canada, will be going to Patsy (also in Canada).
Quilt no 6 (Sturt's Desert Pea - Stained Glass) , made by Margaret J in Australia, will be going to Lisa S in America.
Quilt no 7 (Orca), made by Margaret S-G in the US, will be going to Deana (also in the US).
Quilt no 8 (Untitled - Kantha style with organza scraps), made by Penny in Australia, will be going to Pippa in England.
Quilt no 9 (Monoprint with squares), made by Kate in England, will be going to Sharon in Canada.
Quilt no 10 (Cloudhill), made by Lisa R in Australia, will be going to Kate in England.
Quilt no 11 (Meander), made by Julie in England, will be going to Ildi in Hungary.
Quilt no 12 (What lies beneath), made by Pippa in England, will be going to Penny in Australia.
Quilt no 13 (Cupcakes and carrots), also made by Pippa, will be going to Lisa R in Australia.
Quilt no 14 (Reminder of Spring), made by Rae in Australia, will be going to Marta in Hungary.
Quilt no 15 (Ice Cream), made by Marta in Hungary, will be going to Marloes in the Netherlands.
Quilt no 16 (Lacy Fan), made by Ildi in Hungary, will be going to Margaret J in Australia.
Quilt no 17 (Untitled - newsprint people), made by Marloes in the Netherlands, will be going to Julie in England.
Quilt no 18 (Untitled - paper pieced batiks), made by Lisa S in the US, will be going to Jovi in Lithuania.
Quilt no 19 (Italy through window shades), made by Deana in the US, will be going to Margaret S-G (also in America).
Quilt no 20 (Inch by Inch), made by Emma in Australia, will be going to Wil in the Netherlands.
Quilt no 21 (Untitled - with crazy piecing, beading, embroidery, etc), made by Sharon in Canada, will be going to Kathy in America.
Quilt no 22 (Quilt for Van Gogh), made by Patsy in Canada, will be going to Wil in the Netherlands.
Quilt no 23 (Chestnut), made by Jovita in Lithuania, will be going to Lynda in the UK.
Quilt no 24 (Untitled - Crow silhouette), made by Lynda, will be going to Pippa (also in the UK).
Quilt no 25 (Autumn Woods - pair), made by Kathy in the US, will be going to Sherry in Canada.
Quilt no 26 (The Disappearance of Water on our Land), made by Vero in Chile, will be going to Margeeth in the Netherlands.
Quilt no 27 (A Sunny Pre-Hurricane Day in Houston), made by Rho in the US, will be going to Vero in Chile.

Thanks once again to all those who took part - and yes, it does seem likely we will do this again - this format seems to have eliminated some of the problems of past swaps, and given that it was NOT a huge nightmare to pair up quilts in the end, I'm inclined to try again - perhaps opening it up to all manner of quilts as I know I'm not the only one who likes both arty and traditional!

Ready to roll...

Well, all the lists are in, so now it's only (if "only" is the word to use in this situation) a matter of working out who gets what. I hope I'll be able to do it tonight, but I might get bogged down... I'm sure that however it all works out, you ladies will all be getting a lovely quilt (or two in some cases) in the post before the end of August!

Saturday 1 August 2009


OK, I'm not going to get into lots and lots of detail, because I don't think that's appropriate, but I am starting to compile the preference lists - I have all but about four of them in already - and it looks hopeful. All the quilts have appeared on at least one list (hoorah!) Nearly all of them have been in people's top 3 or 4 choices (hoorah!). Not everyone wants only the same three quilts (hoorah!). I'm sure it's going to take some manouevering to get everyone the best possible choice, but I am, as I said before, hopeful. Honestly, I can't really do anything until I've had the other few preference lists in except speculate - and of course, covet!

Oh, and in case you are curious, so far the three most frequently chosen quilts are: no 24, no 23 and no 12 - but honestly, it's quite an even spread, so don't worry too much if you didn't make one of those three...

Preferences Received

Hello all, I am back - no internet at the cottage (which was fine, but unexpected, so I hope no one worried they didn't hear back from me!) - and am gradually wading through my inbox. I have received preference lists from quite a few people and will get back to you in the next few days to confirm I have yours. And then, I get to start trying to match them all up - hopefully that task won't take TOO long and I'll be able to ensure everyone is happy. Though I guarantee everyone won't get their first choice, as there are a number of people with duplicate first choices (not always the same one, either!)