Wednesday 8 July 2015

Grand Reveal!

OK, finally, time for that Grand Reveal, where you can see who made what and who received what. As usual, I will start with Quilt no 1:

Around Town (no 1) was made by Diana and sent along to Sarah, who had made this piece, no 4:

Sarah's quilt went to live with Virginia, who had made no 23 (Happy Tree):

Happy Tree (which was one of the most popular choices this time around), in turn, went to stay with Melanie, who had made 2 quilts for the swap. 

The first of these, Fancy Cat (no 9, above) went off to its new home with Kathleen.

Kathleen made quilt no 3, which she called Special K, after the Kellogg's Cornflakes Rooster:

And Special K went off to Norway to live with Kjersti. 

Kjersti's quilt, no 33 (above) was chosen by Andrea in Australia, and this quilt:

Andrea's untitled piece (no 32) went to Mary J.

Mary J made two pieces this year, and the first one, The Early Blackbird (no 19) came to live at my house:

The piece that I made, Circles in Circles is shown below:

Circles in Circles (no 21) went to live with Joan E, who had made this piece:

also with a circle theme - Friendly Circles (no 30).   This quilt was a very popular choice, and appeared on many lists, but in the end, Friendly circles went to live with Mary S. 

Carrying on (totally accidentally) with the circle theme, Mary's quilt was called Loose Marbles (no 24) and went to live with Margaret G in the UK. 

Margaret's quilt was called Autumn Meadow (no 22) and was another one of the most popular choices in the swap. It went to live with Marei, who had made quilt no 25: Triangulation.

Triangulation was the other quilt received by Melanie, who had made two quilts for the swap - Fancy Cat back near the top of this post and also no 11, Citrus and Sea (below).

One of the things I really enjoy about this swap is seeing how different the little quilts are - sometimes even two quilts by the same maker are totally different in style, like Melanie's two. Great fun!

Anyway, Citrus and Sea went to live with Barbara F, who produced this piece (no 5):

This colourful pinwheel quilt went off to Mary Jane, and Mary Jane's piece Fireworks (no 17, below) went to live with Barbara S.

The piece that Barbara S made was called Stitching for Spring (no 12) and travelled off to Australia to be with Margaret J.

Margaret has played in quite a few rounds of my swap, and always produces something nice. This time, her quilt was called Cherry Pie (no 15).

Cherry Pie winged its way from Australia to Beth in the US, who made this quilt:

No 31, Wonderfully Wonky. Wonky happily hopped its way to Pam G, who made Dandelion Summer (no 7, below) for Julie.

Julie was another player who made two quilts this round and her first one, Way Out (no 8) travelled to England to go to Lynda. Here it is:

Amusingly, Lynda's quilt Fragments (no 27) went back to the US to Julie!

Julie's second quilt (no 13), Dawn (pictured below) went to Mary J. This was another of the most popular pieces (a joint first with Happy Tree, but ahead by a very few choices)...

while Mary's quilt (no 20, Happy Hearts) - her second in the swap - went off to Barbara C.

(Not many left to go; deep breath!)

Barbara made this quilt:

Fun and Games (no 6), which was chosen by Marie. Marie made Stars Galore (no 26):

which went to live with Ramona, who is one of only three people (myself included) who have played in every single round of ALQS! (The other is Lynda, who made Fragments, mentioned a bit above.)

For this round, Ramona made the quilt Intersections (no 2):

Intersections was chosen by Rosie in the UK, who made the quilt Random Tweets (no 28), pictured below:

This quilt ended up travelling to Australia to be with Lisa, who made quilt no 29:

No 29 was the last quilt to be known to be safely home (the recipient being away for quite some time), and has its new home with Hilde, in the Netherlands.

Hilde's quilt was no 10, Iris:

and went to Di, which brings the loop to a close!

Three other little quilts ended up, for various reasons, staying with their makers:

Pam A's untitled piece (no 14)

Narelle's Christmas Wishes (no 16)

And finally Joan P's Take Heart (no 18).

A HUGE thank you again to everyone who took part - hope I'll see you all back here next time when we'll be making (probably) small, square quilts...  Be on the lookout!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Reveal soon...I promise

All quilts now home safe and sound and everyone happy (I hope). I know the Grand Reveal is a long time coming, but I have been monumentally busy between the end of school/planning for a different role in September and being away every weekend looking at universities with my eldest. Hoping to get to it this week.  Thanks for being patient (or at least, for appearing patient, even if you are feeling impatient inside)!

(And if you think you saw a reveal published - and now you don't - don't worry, you aren't losing your mind - it wasn't finished  but for some reason blogger published it anyway, rather than saving it as a draft.  Hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow!)