Tuesday 7 July 2015

Reveal soon...I promise

All quilts now home safe and sound and everyone happy (I hope). I know the Grand Reveal is a long time coming, but I have been monumentally busy between the end of school/planning for a different role in September and being away every weekend looking at universities with my eldest. Hoping to get to it this week.  Thanks for being patient (or at least, for appearing patient, even if you are feeling impatient inside)!

(And if you think you saw a reveal published - and now you don't - don't worry, you aren't losing your mind - it wasn't finished  but for some reason blogger published it anyway, rather than saving it as a draft.  Hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow!)

1 comment:

Needled Mom said...

No hurry, Kate. We will all enjoy the reveal when we see it and it keeps us in suspense.