Amy B (who is first on the list alphabetically) made this quilt for Teresa

who made this quilt for Jen...

Jen made this quilt for Sherry,

who in turn made this quilt for Toni.

And who did Toni make a quilt for? Well, she made this lovely quilt for Cathi,

who made this tree for Becca...

Becca in turn made a quilt for Andrea

who made one for Dorothy.

Dorothy's ship sailed off to Dawn in Turkey,

and Dawn's little beauty made its way to Ann R.

Ann R put together this fab piece for Jovita,

who made a quilt for Liliane.

Lisa was the lucky recipient of Liliane's quilt;

the quilt Lisa made went to Tracy in Australia.

Tracy made a quilt for Colene,

who made this little wholecloth piece for Annette,

who in turn sent this beauty to Loulee.

Loulee's quilt crossed the ocean and some mountains to find a new home with Lisa Jo.

Lisa Jo's piece went to live with Anne B;

Anne B's little heart quilt found a new home with Amy S.

The quilt that Amy S made went down under to Lynda B,

while Lynda's quilt travelled back to the US to Shelly.

Shelly's piece came to the UK to find a new home with Stephanie,

whose piece went to Sophie.

Sophie had the challenge of making a piece for me:

As for me, the quilt I made went to brighten up Margaret's wall.

Margaret's little quilt went to Lynda M,

and Lynda M's quilt will eventually go to live with Wil after getting famous and being published and all.

The quilt Wil made (which was the first finished piece in the swap) went to Ann J,

whose piece went to Sarah.

Sarah's beautiful piece made its way to Lorraine in Australia,

and Lorraine's mini went to live with Amy B.

And that's not all, but it does finish that loop!

Here's some more:

Ann A made this lovely piece for Paula,

who made a piece for Ramona,

who made a quilt for Ann A.

Sequana made a piece for Cat,

who made one for Linda,

who made one for Colleen,

who made one for Solidia,

who made one for John,

who made one for Sequana.

And that's that! Gorgeous pieces all, aren't they. Can't wait for the next round...