Wednesday 31 August 2011

A few early photos...

Are in my inbox! I have three quilts with me (so to speak) so far, and they are all lovely (and very different from one another). I won't post them just yet, but when I get one or two more, I'll begin to blog them to the site. Those of you who haven't mailed photos yet (which is most of us), remember that photos need to be with me by the 3rd of October. Which is just a little over a month. Yikes!

Wednesday 24 August 2011


Hello all - just a quick reminder that we have only a bit over a month to make our quilts and send photos in - the photo deadline is 3rd October, and it's nearly September now (yikes!). I actually do have one set of photos in already - but just the one so far. I look forward to seeing many more in the upcoming weeks!

Sunday 7 August 2011

Just a note to touch base

Everyone working on their quilts? (No, me neither!) Just been updating the list of potential players, and we are becoming truly international, with quilts possibly being made all over Europe (UK, France, Germany, Norway), as well as North (US & Canada) and South America (Chile) and Australasia (Singapore, Australia).

Please do spread the word in your quilting communities and on your blogs (if you have them) - the more the merrier and this swap does really work well for those who are "international" - some of the US based swaps are a bit harder for those elsewhere (to be fair, I've been in some great US based swaps, so it's not always a problem - but the centrally run ones or ones where mailing time is an issue are much harder for those who are far flung...)