Thursday 23 April 2009

Still open!

Just thought I'd put a little note here at the top of the blog for new visitors, to remind you all that this swap is still open - and will remain so right up to the deadline - you can see how that works by checking out the full swap guidelines, down here. Why not play along? We'd love to have you, and there's absolutely no pressure!

Monday 6 April 2009

Round 2 roundup

It occurs to me I was terribly remiss in the last round, in not posting a kind of who-made-what-for-whom - I think this was because I got a little disillusioned at the end with some of the problems - but honestly, it's a totally unfair way to feel as most of the quilts for round 2 were just as great as for round 1 and you ought to get a chance to see them. So... Here they are, all in one place!

Annette made this quilt for Lynda:

and Lynda made this wonderful set of panels for me:

I made the quilt below for Pippa,

who in turn made this one for Wil:

Wil produced "Above us only sky" for Annette, which brings that little circle to a close.

We'll hop over to the traditional side for a moment, and show the quilt that Alicia made for Narelle:

And the quilt which Narelle made for Barb E, which I think is as much art quilt as traditional - though the classification makes no difference to its beauty:

Barb E made a very different but equally green quilt for her partner, Charlie

and Charlie made this beauty for his partner, Cathi.

Cathi's quilt for Becky featured lots of hexagons:

and unfortunately, I don't seem to have a photo of the quilt that Becky made for Anjea. But here is Anjea's quilt for... well, most of you would probably guess who!

Toni (aka The Quilting Pirate) made a quilt for Colene, which took the longest route possible to get to her but did FINALLY arrive, whew. And here it is:

Colene was the first person finished in this round, with this little beauty:

Becca, who received Colene's quilt, made this pink and brown quilt for Bonnie

who made this one for Jane

who made this 30s repro quilt for the other Kate

The other Kate (sorry, Kate, I get to be the main Kate in this swap, lol) made a quilt for Gabriele

and Gabriele made this one for Michelle:

Michelle's quilt - another chocolate box, to go with Charlie's, above - went off to her partner safely, but unfortunately, her partner is one of the people who I lost touch with, so I'm not sure what happened next. Here's the quilt, though - isn't it pretty?

The lovely Lisa R stepped in at this point to make a quilt for Sharon Z (the US one - we actually had two Sharon Z's in this swap - what are the chances?) and it was this lovely log cabin:

Here is the quilt that this Sharon made for her partner, Margaret in Australia,

who in turn made this really gorgeous piece for Silvia.

Silvia made a quilt for Ramona

who made one for Solidia

who made one for Dawn

who made one for Lisa Jo:

Lisa Jo made one for Ann J

who made one for Trish

who made one for Alicia. Whew, that closes that circle, too!

So, we'll hop back to the art side of that swap, with Cat's quilt, made for Paula

followed by Paula's quilt for Debbie L

and Debbie's quilt for Cat:

Meanwhile, here's what Amy M made for Tracy

and what Tracy made for Elizabeth

Elizabeth made this one for Debbie M

who made one for Amy M:

I guess we'll grab a few art quilts again (there were more players in the traditional side, so a lot more traditional quilts). Anyway.

Gina made Butterflies and Flowers for Lise

who made Shady Green for Margeeth

who made Autumn in our Street for Gina

Back on the traditional side, Amy S made this piece for her partner

whose quilt for her partner, Susan, while done in a timely fashion had some issues, so was replaced by this piece:

Susan made this lovely piece for her partner, Meredith

who made a cat quilt for Amy S.

Jovita and Linda ended up being reciprocal partners (it happens sometimes!) and produced these two lovely pieces:

Funnily enough, they both used a leaf theme! Jovi's quilt for Linda is the top photo, Linda's is the bottom one.

OK. Getting closer to the end - I told you there were a lot of great quilts produced - you can see why I still do these swaps, even after some frustrations!

Andrea made this quilt for Lorraine

who in turn made one for Liliane

who made one for Sharon Z (the Canadian one)

who made one for Andrea

The final art quilt was made by Lisa R for her partner

who unfortunately, had some personal problems and couldn't reciprocate (they also were to be reciprocal partners). In lieu, I made this piece for Lisa:

which, while not quite as arty as some, is at least in her favourite colours! Oh, and it IS bound and finished, but I don't seem to have photographed it in that state!

Still with me? Here's the rest of the traditional quilts - more left to show than I thought, but were getting closer to the end...

Anne made this star for Margaret

who made this amazing piece for Emma.

Emma made this (which is possibly the piece I covet most from the last round - though it's tough competition) for Melinda

who made this for Julie

who made this for Anne.

Dorothy made this piece for Tina,

who made a piece for Kerry

who made one for Trisha (who is Tina's sister - how funny is that!).

Trisha made the quilt below for Samantha

who made one for Tanner

who made one for John

who made one for Dorothy. Another little loop closed.

And finally! Karen C made a quilt for Lynda B

who made a quilt for Vero

who made one for Teresa, but I don't have a photo of it finished - you can see some shots of it on Vero's blog, though. Teresa made a quilt for Karen M,

who made one for Ruth, who made one for Karen C - and I don't have photos of either of those, sorry to say (at least with the new swap format, I won't have this problem with photos!)

And that's it, folks.

As you can see, there are some truly terrific quilts in round 2 - well done to all you ladies and gents who produced such excellent work - especially those of you who I didn't have to chase up!!