ALQS4 quilts

Ok, so. Here we go. In no particular order...

Quilt no 19 (below) was made by Doreen, and sent to Margaret.

Quilt no 5 was made by Margaret, and sent to Vero.

Vero's quilt, no 41, went to Judith

while Judith's quilt (no 18) went to Susan

and Susan's quilt(no 10) moseyed along to Cathy.

The quilt that Cathy made (24) went to live with Beth

while Beth's quilt (42) found a new home with Elizabeth.

Quilt no 40, Elizabeth's quilt, went to Balinda

while Balinda's quilt (27) was sent to Kendra.

The quilt that Kendra made (no 30) meandered its way to Paulette

and Paulette's quilt (16) crossed the ocean to Lisa R

and to wrap up that loop, Lisa R's quilt (33) ended up with Doreen.

Amazingly enough, there were only two loops in this round of the swap, so the second one is obviously a lot bigger! And here it goes:

My first quilt (I made two), no 9, went to live with Ramona

while Ramona's quilt (no 1), one hopes, will eventually come home to roost at Lynda's house:

Lynda's quilt, no 28, went to Hungary to Ildiko

Ildi's quilt (no 29), which happened to be the most popular choice, ended up with Sharne

whose quilt, no 36, now belongs to Sandra.

The quilt that Sandra made, no 14, went to Penny in Australia,

while Penny's quilt (no 11) ended up with Charlie.

Charlie, who made quilt no 20, sent his creation to Narelle

and Narelle sent her quilt, no 4, to Karrie.

Karrie made quilt no 39, another very popular choice, which ended up with Sarah.

Sarah's quilt (no 12) was also very highly admired, but in the end, it was Kjersti who gave it a new home.

Kjersti's creation (no 31) went to Joan

while Joan's lovely quilt came to live with me (hoorah!)

My other quilt (no 8) went to Valerie,

while the quilt she made (no 35) was destined to live with Karen.

Karen made quilt no 7, and sent it to Lisa S;

Lisa S's quilt (no 23) went to Anne Ida,

while her lovely creation, no 3, went to Carol.

Carol made no 25, and sent it to Vreni in Singapore.

Vreni's beauty (no 6) went to Lynne,

while Glenys was the recipient of Lynne's quilt (no 37)

In turn, Glenys sent her quilt(no 26) to Lana

and Lana sent hers (no 2) to Rebecca.

Rebecca's creation (no 38) went to Andrea

and Andrea sent hers (no 34) to Val.

Deep breath, getting near the end... Val sent no 17 to Margeeth

and Margeeth sent hers (21) to Mary.

No 22, Mary's quilt, went to Barbara

while Barbara's quilt (15) went to Jessica.

And last but not least, Jessica's quilt (no 13) came to live with me as well. Whew.

It's conceivable that at some point I will go back and link all the names, but in the meantime, the list on the right should have everyone who has a blog linked to the blog...

It was a lot of fun this time around, with some really lovely pieces of work - thanks so much to everyone who took part - and perhaps see you next time!