Monday 24 August 2009

Most quilts home safe...

I have heard from most of you now that you have received your new quilts (yeah!) - all quilts have either been mailed (or in one case, swapped in person at the FoQ - at least I assume that swap did take place). According to my records, the following people may not yet have received their quilts - please let me know if you have, so I can tick it off my list.

  • Margeeth
  • Pippa (swapped?)
  • Lynda (swapped?)
  • Penny
  • Kathy
  • Patsy
Likewise, if you aren't on the list, but haven't received a quilt, please let me know -I think I've got it all straight, but would hate for anyone to fall through the cracks.


Sherry said...

I forgot to let you know that I received my lovely quilt and I was so excited to get it. I have found a great place to put it. I also received an email saying the one that I sent she received it also. But most of all I have to say thanks for putting on such a great swap. Enjoyed it a lot.

Margeeth said...

My quilt arrived today, it took its time getting here (Vero sent it around 22 july), but it finally arrived and looks even better in real life than on the pictures.

hippopip said...

I have mine from Lynda I posted mine to Penny some time ago but have not heard back, but I will email her Pippa

Jaye said...

Kate...I was surfing around your website and came upon this swap "page". Are you getting ready to do another swap with art quilts? That is my favorite thing! I would be interested in joining you and your list of artists if there is an opening.