Thursday 13 November 2008

Pink bliss

Here's a lovely pink quilt made by Solidia - I'm not the number one pink fan in the world (though I like it more as I get older) but this one, I'd gladly give wall-space to! It's off to a new home now, in a foreign country to where it was created... Bon voyage!


black bear cabin said... not a pink person either, but i would love to have this one :)
thats why i try to keep my preferences always seeing things that i love that are out of my norm :) very pretty!

Leah said...

this is a BEAUTIFUL little quilt, i have to say my favorite of the five or six showing on this page. What a neat idea - your little quilt swap. I ran across your blog after blog-surfing a bit, I definitely want to participate in the 3rd round and will keep this space bookmarked and check back!