Thursday 25 June 2009

Quilt no 5

Untitled; 22.5x23"

The pattern is from "Bella Nonna Hydrandea Tapestry Petilts"; I chose this in honour of a Hydrangea a friend bought and donated to a children's center for my 40th birthday. The petals are washable but recommended to hand wash . They do not lose their shape and they are all hand sewn on. Beads were then glued on to give them some glamour. I used steam2seam to put the leaves and the stems on and stitched around them. I did the water design where the flower are and straight stitching in the borders. Variegated was used throughout. The piece has a sleeve for hanging.


Tracy said...

! These look real!

dq said...

This is wonderful! I would die to have it!