Thursday, 1 May 2008

Don't worry!

Just wanted to post a note to say to everyone, please don't worry that the type of quilt you are planning to make is not like the two shown so far (though those two are totally different anyway), or that you are "way behind".

First of all, in a swap like this, we are all going to produce different sorts of quilts - especially because I have not set a theme or any stylistic guidelines. Some quilts will be very traditional, pieced quilts, some may be very arty (for instance, have a look at some of the things Lynda is thinking about for this swap) - and some will fall in the middle.

All of these options are ok (though if your partner says s/he particularly likes or dislikes something, I hope you will all take that into account) - and more than being ok, that's part of the joy of one of these swaps - that we will all produce different things and that you will get something you like, but which is NOT just like something you would make yourself. After all, if you wanted something just like something you'd make yourself, you could make it yourself!

A case in point is the lovely quilt I received from the Spring Four Seasons Swap, which is not something I'd pick to make for myself - the colours are more pastel than I tend to buy and I am terrible at embroidery, so I'd never put words on a quilt in that way (it says "watch your garden grow" on the flower pots) - but it matches my family room walls perfectly and is a lovely, bright cheerful spring quilt, which I'm really pleased to own.

And while I will take the chance here to give you all a gentle reminder that you might want to be thinking about this swap, the due date for mailing your quilt to your partner is not until 1 July, so you don't have to panic if you haven't finished - or if you (like me) haven't started yet! It would be great if we didn't all wait until 1 July to send them, but there is still a lot of time to make this quilt, so please don't feel guilty.

I have shared these two finished quilts here because I myself like to have a look at what other people are doing because a)I'm nosy (and of course, being the organiser, I know who is getting what, so it's even more fun) and b)seeing what other people are working on often inspires me - sometimes it inspires me for an unrelated project, but hey, inspiration is a good thing and I don't knock it when it comes, whatever form it's in. I'm sure others are working on their quilts and talking about them on their blogs, so do have a trawl through the blog list on the side and see what they are up to.

And finally, while I don't know all the swap participants, and therefore can't always say what I think their individual taste is like (that's why we had the little questionaires), if you are worried about whether what you are making is suitable for the swap and want to ask my opinion - please do. Though I'll say here and now that if you have put thought and effort into it and are taking time and care with making it, it is suitable. I'm always interested in seeing people's thought processes, so I'm glad to have a look.

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