Friday 19 February 2010

Thinking about a new round

Apologies to those of you who keep checking back to see if there's another round of this swap happening (if there are any of you who are!) - I have been working a lot more hours lately, and just don't have as much time as I did (or energy) for organising things, so I've let this swap slide. I am, however, thinking about another round of the swap, in the same sort of style as last time (i.e. you finish a piece and submit photos in order to play) only not restricted to art quilts - I expect I'll make my mind up in the next few weeks, so really, watch this space! And thanks for your patience.

1 comment:

Margeeth said...

I was just thinking about this swap this morning(because I visited your profile to be able to put a link on your name when showing the birthday atc you made me on my own blog) and now it pops up in my reader.
This you working more hours, is this a good thing? I will just wait and see, when you have the time and energy, I'm in!