Sunday 1 January 2012

Good news

OK, so I still haven't got around to doing a grand reveal - maybe tonight or tomorrow - but the good news is, the one quilt which was wandering about potentially lost in transit is NOT lost and did make it to its new owner yesterday. Which means that all quilts are home (except the one, famous, travelling quilt - but we know where that is and what's happening to it, so there's no panic involved).

Happy New Year!


barcord said...

Good News.
Happy New Year Kate.

Quiltefia said...

Hi and happy new year!! I loved your swap!! Do you think that you will start a new one soon!? I want to come along........ AnneKari:-)

Kerstin said...

And you have done a great job, Kate!


Margaret Garrood said...

So pleased the quilt has turned up.
Thank you again for organising the swap- it has been great fun.
Happy New Year!

Needled Mom said...

Yeah!!!!!! So glad it finally made it. Great job!!!!