Saturday 3 November 2012

Nearly there

OK, guys - the sort is pretty much done.   In the end, here's how it worked out, without too many details.

  • Most of the quilts had a smaller percentage of the votes than in previous rounds, even the really popular ones - as I mentioned before, I think this is due to the relative numbers of quilts in the swap (more) and preferences submitted (around the same as in previous rounds)
  • This meant that a handful of quilts were problematic when I was trying to swap them - either with no votes or with only one or two, but with those votes being from the same person, or from a person whose quilt hadn't been voted for, etc.
  • I decided that the best thing to do was to separate these few quilts (there were 8) and contact the makers to see if they wished to keep their own quilts, or to swap among themselves.
  • If you were affected by that, you have been contacted already (and I have heard back from all of you except one, who I hope to hear from soon).
  • The other players, the majority - 49 out of 57 quilts - I have sorted out for the swap as usual.
  • With the remaining 49 quilts, I was able to give everyone something on their preference list, in many cases, in the top tier, but of course, not in all cases.
  • If your quilt was one of the dozen or so most popular ones, you have definitely received a quilt in your top tier (or if you gave a ranked list, in the top 3 or 4 on the list). 
  • I have a master list for my swaps which tells me which players have received a quilt from which other players for all 7 rounds (not everyone has been in all 7 rounds, of course, but many people have been in 3 or 4) so I have tried not to duplicate who you have received a quilt from - in a few cases I have gone ahead and sent a quilt by an artist you already have one by - especially if the quilt was your first choice pick and it made my life easier in the swap!
  • The very most popular quilt was no 51, Red Poppy; other very popular choices were 47 (On the Beach), 28 (Echinacea), 41 (More is Less), 50 (untitled cotton duck with French Knots) and 46 (St Malo Waterfront). [To be honest, I have randomly stopped this list here - as the next most popular quilt only had one vote less than no 46 and so on down to the end.]
  • I will soon begin to send emails telling you where to send your quilt to. But this will take a little while, so don't panic if you don't have one for a few days. I'll post again when I have sent all the emails so you can be sure when you should have had an email.
  • Don't forget that there may be some people in this swap in the north east of the US, who may be affected by Hurrican Sandy, and may be without power or who may take some time to get to a post office. If I know this is going to be the case, I can let the recipient know. I know of at least one player in this situation; obviously this quilt swap is not necessarily her first concern at the moment.
  • A big thank you to everyone for playing and for your patience. And thanks to all the people who have offered to send more choices, or take a quilt not originally on their list, or other helpful things. 

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Needled Mom said...

This sounds like a massive job and it sounds as though you have put hours of your time into it. Thank you so much for handling it so well.