Thursday 6 February 2014

...and that's all, folks!

That's all the quilts for this round of the swap.  Here's what you do next:

Have a look at the quilts.  Decide which ones you like best. Send me a list of at least 10, please - more is ok. You can either order the list in strict order 1 to 10 (or whatever) or just say "these are all the ones I like" or say "I like these best and this group second best". Whatever works for you. I hope that everyone finds a number of things that they like.  And if you really like your own quilt more than most of the others, that's ok,too - just put your own number at the top of the list, or whatever.

Please try to get me your list in the next week or so; after that, I'll begin the task of allocating the quilts to their new owners.  When you send me your preferences, please also make sure that you send your postal address. If you have played in a recent round of the swap and haven't moved, I probably have your address.

Any questions, just ask.

And thanks to everyone for playing!

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