Monday 18 July 2016

Preference Lists

I've had a bit of a chance to catch up this weekend, and have recorded the info from all the people who have sent their lists in. So far it's looking pretty good, but it's hard to tell for sure. I am still waiting for lists from five people, so until I get those, I won't be able to start the actual allocation process; if I don't hear from them within another day or two, I'll send an email reminder. However, this is a very busy time for me (last week of school), so it will still take a while to get things sorted out, even if all the lists come in tomorrow morning. Bear with me - it's worth it in the end, as the wait enables me to give as many people as possible a quilt high up on their lists!


Needled Mom said...

The wait is definitely worth it in the end. Enjoy the end of the school year.

barcord said...

Hear hear Needled Mom. Love this swap.