Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Partner update - again

Hi everyone - I hope by now everyone has their partner info. I have had real trouble getting this info to several of you- not sure quite why, but if you haven't had the info from me, can you check first of all that the message didn't go into your spam folder and secondly that my email address is in your address book and also not in your list of banned email addresses. I have recently had messages from Annette and Ann A saying they haven't had their partner info - this has been re-emailed (to Ann for the 3rd time), so hopefully you will have it now. If not, leave a comment here and we will try to resolve it. Anyone else who is still missing theirs, please let me know ASAP.


Ann said...

Hi Kate, I am sad to say that I can not find any reason at this end for not getting your emails. I have you on the approved list with both carriers. Both accounts get email from every day.

Have a safe trip - Ann

Unknown said...

No luck yet Kate, nothing has come through. I'm away for the weekend so will check when I get back and we'll try again.

Luv Annette