Thursday, 10 April 2008


Well, we now have 41 players signed up, so I am closing the swap. I know I said 40, but I just took all the signups that were in my email box when I got home today (took the kids out and about, ending up at the seaside - a little chilly, but lovely sunny day all day!) - it seemed a little unfair to say no to the last person, who had only emailed an hour later than the previous one... And anyway, 40 was an arbitrary number I chose myself for no real reason, so 41 is no problem - since we aren't doing a direct swap (i.e. A sends to B and B sends to A) it doesn't matter that it's an odd number.

There is every likelihood I will run another round of this swap with an autumn mailing deadline, so if you didn't get signed up in time this time around, feel free to send me an email expressing interest in future swaps (no committments, of course) and I'll be happy to email you when the next round is launched - unless things go pear-shaped and I decide not to do it.

I need one or two more sets of preferences and details; once those are in, I will start matching up partners - I expect to email you all by Monday at the absolute latest, probably it will be sooner. I will post a message here when I have emailed the partner info out so you can check on progress.

Just in case you are interested, here's how international this swap is - I think we did very well!

Australia (3)
Finland (1)
France (1)
Ireland (2)
Lithuania (1)
Luxembourg (1)
the Netherlands (1)
Turkey (1)
United Kingdom (5 England, 2 Wales and 1 from the Isle of Man)
United States (22 - states represented are AR, CO, CT, IA, ID, IL, IN. MD, ME, MI, NC, NE, NJ, PA, VT & WA)

Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against Americans (as many of you know, I actually am one, though I've lived here 15+ years now), but I do really like to see the fact that in this swap, nearly half of our swappers are NOT from the US. Just goes to show how much quilting is spreading around the globe, which can only be a good thing, right? Right!


Becca said...

I was telling DH about this swap last night and he was really impressed with the idea that a quilt from the UK or Finland or another country thousands of miles away could end up hanging on the wall of our Iowa apartment.

I told him that is was just a sign that no matter where he move us to they'll be another quilter around to feed the addiction with me. Hehehe.

black bear cabin said...

I was impressed with the variety of countries that participated as well...which of course is one of the reasons i joined! Its always fun to rcv something from another land, chances are, it will contain fabrics and design elements I may not have seen bring it on! :)
Of course, a quilt from the states would be just as wonderful! :)

Toni said...

Kate, would ya mind if I added the country to each swappers in the booty swap, like you have on your side bar?

I love international swaps, it's so neat to see how different cultures interpret different quilting aspects!

Sarah Nopp said...

Right! The more places the merrier. I seem to be collecting blogs from around the globe LOL

Anonymous said...

since you have 41, if you'd like 1 more to even it out I'll volunteer. and let me know.