Friday 6 June 2008

Deadline Reminder!

Hi everyone - I know most of you are either finished or working on your quilts, and some have been mailed and received, but I just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for mailing quilts is Tuesday, 1 July. It used to sound really far away, but that's just under a month now, so if you haven't started, you might want to get going fairly soon - and if you are working away on your piece, don't let it sit too long before finishing! I am nearly done my own piece (yay!) and will post a picture hopefully by the end of the weekend. Just the binding, sleeve & label to go.


black bear cabin said...

ohhhh....the pressure is on! :) Better get crackin on mine! This swap is certainly turning out some wonderful quilts!

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks for the reminder! I actually spent today working on it at a sew-in, so the top is done and if I keeping working on it, I will have it in the mail by the end of the week.

Sarah Nopp said...

Yay! All done! I love sew-in days which donuts and cheese. I get so much accomplished.