Wednesday 25 June 2008

Purples from the Poudre

Here's another finish - I love this - isn't it great? LisaJo has called it "Purples from the Poudre" (she lives in Poudre Canyon) and it has now gone off in the post to its new home...somewhere well away from the Canyon. A lot of quilts are in the post at the moment, so I expect to hear soon from lots of you that you have received your new beauties. So far, they have all reached their destinations in a timely manner, so we'll keep our fingers crossed (metaphorically, of course, as it's really hard to sew or type with crossed fingers...)


sewkalico said...

Gorgeous! I have just had a look through this blog and the quilts are fantastic!! I had better be in the next one (you did warn me it was going to be good!)

Sarah Nopp said...

Oh sweet quilt!
I just got a note that my little quilt has found its new home. Such fun to send off surprises.