Sunday 23 November 2008

Mailing update

Most of the little quilts have now been mailed and are winging or swimming (or crawling, it seems, in many cases!) their way toward their recipients. There are 7 quilts which have yet to be mailed. One is the one which is coming to me, which is going to go off and be Famous in a Big Show first. Two are the two which I've mentioned where the makers have fallen completely out of touch and which I now have angels for (thanks again for ALL the offers!). The other four are instances where I know what's happening - some family crises, illness, and so on. I have resisted say whose quilts are on the way and who will have to wait a bit longer as I know you guys would all like the element of surprise (though in some cases, I have contacted you personally or responded to queries) - if you are at all worried, please feel free to contact me - but I am keeping an eye on things, so don't panic!


Qubie said...

When all this is done you need to take a long break. Maybe get a few helpers next time.

Last time if I remember right the quilt you were to receive was late because it was in a show to. How do you always pick the show winners? lol

black bear cabin said...

Even with the two deadbeats, this has been another fun swap! Thanks again for hosting it, and i look forward to the next one!(although i agree with Qubie...take a nice break first :)

In the meantime, i look forward to checking my mailbox for my little quilt soon :) It will be like an early Chrismtas gift! Yeah!