Thursday 25 June 2009

Quilt no 7

Orca; 20x20"

It is all made from good quality Bali Batiks, hand-dyes and a few pieces of Fairy Frosts for added shimmer. The lower part of the ocean background is free-pieced (9-patch and snail-trail patterns), while the upper part where the wave is, I did using paper piecing and curved free piecing. This is a paper-pieced New York Beauty block that I modified as the quilt's sun. It is quilted in yellow.

The sky of the quilt is free quilted with loose waves in a pale blue thread. All thread ends are knotted and burried, rather than just back stitched and clopped. The wave has curved flying geese which are paper pieced. They are mostly done in soft aqua batiks, but there's a few turquoise Fairy Frosts tossed in for variety & shimmer.

I quilted the wave with two rows of feathers in a medium blue thread. The next lower region of the wave is done in a free-form wave pattern.

The area of the ocean below the whale has large curves and bubbles quilted.


Emma said...


Julie said...

Wow indeed! What amazing quilts so far. These are all stunning! Laurels, where are you? ;o)

Wil said...

A lovely combination of traditional and art quilting!

dq said...

I love it!