Monday 7 June 2010

Another Little Deadline Reminder!

Hi all - later this week you will begin to see the first photos of quilts for the swap - I now have 6 or 7 in my possession and am going to begin uploading them very soon. Don't forget, if you want to take part in this swap, I need photos by the 1st of July, which is sooner than it sounds! I will also be sending an email reminder out later this week in case you don't keep up with the blog (in which case, you wouldn't be reading this, so I probably don't need to mention it here)... The quilts that have come in so far are lovely and varied; I am really looking forward to seeing more from you all!


Sarah Craig said...

Mine is sandwiched up on my worktable - I just need to go get some more thread for the quilting - then it's off to the races!!! Woohoo!!

Qubie said...

Thanks for the info. I just have binding, hanging sleeve and a label to put on my little guy and he will be done. I have already blog about him. This swap will be the best ever. I can't wait.