Saturday 26 June 2010

Little Extension

We've less than a week to go now until the deadline and I know some of you are still working hard (and yes, some have emailed photos I haven't yet put up - I plan to do that tomorrow) and thought a few of you might appreciate an extra day or two, so I am extending the deadline for photos until Monday, 5th July, 9pm GMT. I know that weekend will be a bank holiday weekend for those in the US (and I assume you will have Monday off, as the 4th is a Sunday) so you might be able to get a little more sewing in!

I have offered to help at a fun in the park with games and water pistols with my daughters' Guides unit on that Monday evening - that will finish at 9pm, and we live literally around the corner from the park, so after that I will come home, upload any remaining photos and officially close the swap. Once I do that, I'll post instructions about what happens next.

So, if you still want in on this swap and haven't yet sent photos of a piece (or two) - you have two weekends (and a week!) to work on your quilt - I hope that will be enough for some of you to be able to join in!


KarrieLyne said...

I am nearly done with mine but that extra weekend will be wonderful! Thank you!! :)

Needled Mom said...

Have fun playing in the park.