Saturday 17 July 2010

Almost there

Well, I've been playing with my spreadsheets and have assigned and re-assigned quilts three times now, with surprisingly similar results each time (a few changes here and there), which I think means I've pretty much got it right. I have unfortunately still not heard from the one remaining person from whom I've not had a list, so I am going to hold off sending out mailing information until tomorrow evening, just in case. If I still haven't heard from her, I'll just leave her quilt out of the swapping; if I do hear from her, I'll juggle my distribution a bit to make sure she and her quilt fit in.

I think everyone will be happy with the quilt they receive - most of the allotted choices are fairly high in the wishlists, and none of them are right down at the bottom. I was able to give some first choices, which is nice, and I'm looking forward to letting you all know to whom you'll be sending your quilts.

In this round, I had a good handful of people send me the numbers of the quilts they liked and say that they had no really strong preferences as to order - or they listed their top 3 and then ten more in no particular order. This was actually very useful in making my decisions, and I'm going to encourage it for the next round - if you have a strong preference, that's no problem, but if you really don't, except maybe one or two which are your all-time faves, it would be great to know it because I might be looking at my spreadsheet thinking you much prefer your no 6 over your no 13, when in fact, you like them both more or less equally. If that were the case, I could stress a little less about whether to assign someone their no 13 choice (I didn't assign any 13's in this round, in case you're wondering).

I won't publish any kind of Grand Reveal until all quilts have been received by their new owners, but if you want to know in advance what's coming your way, you can let me know when I send you the info about where to mail your quilt to and I'll look it up and tell you. Or you can choose to wait and be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Kate. This is getting will be great to open a package and get a SURPRISE!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting....I too am looking forward to a surprise in the mail...I must admit, I didn't really have any major strong preferences except for a couple and I think I might have put these downt he list thinking that they would be popular choices....FANTASTIC JOB KATE.....can't wait to knwo who I am send my little quilt off to...