Saturday 10 July 2010

A little update

Just in case you are all waiting as impatiently as I am to find out what's happening with the quilts, here's an update: I am waiting for lists from only 12 people, so I think it's likely that I might get all the info I need to start sorting a few days before the deadline - but even if not, it's not that far away...

The two quilts who have appeared on more lists than any others are, at the moment, no 29 and no 12. (If you made either of those, please don't say so on the blog as we are still trying to keep things a little bit secret.) That doesn't mean that you shouldn't put them on your lists if you haven't yet sent yours in, or if you have put them high on your lists you don't stand a chance of getting them, but I may end up having to draw lots for them!

I would also like to say that all the quilts submitted have appeared in at least one person's preference list, so no one will have to have his or her own quilt stay home. It doesn't mean that it will be wasy to do the sorting, but at least it will be easier than not being able to give a participant a choice of quilts!!

1 comment:

Kendra said...

Yeah I REALLY like #12 and it is different than anything I would have probably done myself.

Anxious to see which lovely quilt I will end up with. Thanks for putting this together!