Friday 4 November 2011

Quilts mailed?

I've now heard from quite a few of you that your quilts have been mailed off to their new homes, which is great. A few of you have also let me know about the quilts not being mailed yet for various reasons, and that's great, too.

If you have mailed your quilt off to your partner and not let me know, could you please drop me an email to let me know when it was sent?

And if you haven't yet mailed (and haven't communicated as to why not) can you please do so as soon as possible and let me know?

Some quilts have actually reached their owners already (including mine, which arrived today, yippee! - I am just off to drop an email to the maker in a moment), which is also great!


Penny said...

Oh Kate, sorry mine was sent off last Monday and I recieved mine on Friday. Hope this make sense, I have been busy and that is the only excuse I have!

Francine said...

I received mine in the mail today from Barbara Cordner in the UK! I must say the pics did not do it justice..Yippee! Off to email her now, thanks again for hosting :-)

arts4all said...

Received my quilt from Marie and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!