Wednesday 6 June 2012

Up to date, I hope

So, if I have received an email of interest from you, I should have now added you to the list in the sidebar (and, I think, in all cases, emailed you to respond). If you have sent me an email and you don't see your name on the side - or if I haven't linked to your blog, or I've got your country wrong or any other error - please let me know!  There's a lot to keep track of, so it's certainly possible I have made a mistake.

In this swap, I'll be creating a mailing list in my address book to send reminders (only a few, occasional ones) as well, so once I think I have most of the people signed up who are interested (in a preliminary way) I will send a test email to make sure that list is working.

And once again, I know a lot of you have played before, so probably know what to do, but if anyone has any questions at all, do let me know and I'll address them as soon as I can!

Thanks to all so far for your interest.

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Cobi said...

I just noticed you haven't linked me to my blog