Sunday 8 July 2012

Quick reminder!

Hello everyone. We now have nearly 60 people signed up as being interested in this swap, so even if a good handful of them run into obstacles that prevent them finishing a piece, I think the selection of quilts is going to be huge, varied and fabulous (as it has been all along, luckily!).  

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for photos of your quilts is 1st October. That sounds like a long time, but is actually only three months away, and of course, there's summer in there. For some of you, that will be a good thing, with more time to sew (like me), for others, it will mean less time to sew, so don't forget to build time into your schedule for your ALQS7 quilt(s).

And finally, just to remind you that this round's piece must fnish at 12" square. So please don't make a fantastic 18x20 piece, as you won't be able to use it!

Happy sewing.


barcord said...

Thanks for the reminder Kate. You've had a great response. Have a good summer x x

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait!

Misha said...

I've been cooking up some ideas, and look forward to the challenge of making it fit into a 12" square!

Wow, could Blogger make the "prove you're not a robot" words any harder to read? Seriously!? Sometimes it takes me 2 tries, and I have very good eyes (well, up close vision any way).

Orange Crumpled Napkin said...

How can I get the HTML code to embed your AQLS7 widget on my blog?