Sunday 22 June 2008

Deadline reminder!

Hello all - just a little reminder that the mailing deadline for this swap is Tuesday, 1 July, which is a little over a week away (yikes!) - many of you have sent your quilts and another good handful of you have finished or nearly finished and have either communicated with me, posted on your blog or whatever, so I know where you stand. A few of you, I have just emailed a quick reminder to - this might be you if I haven't seen your quilt progress on your blog or you haven't been in touch with me about it, etc - not to imply you aren't working on it, but for those whose progress I haven't seen or been made aware of in some way, I just wanted to touch base.

If you have mailed your quilt and not let me know, please drop me a line so I can put it in my spreadsheet... Also, if you have received a quilt and not let me know, please LET ME KNOW!

I hope everyone who has received a quilt has either emailed their partner to say thank you or left a comment on her (or his) blog - if you need the email address of your partner in order to say thank you, just let me know and I will be glad to provide it.


Unknown said...

God I had a panic then and thought I wasn't anywhere near ready - then remembered I was thinking of another swap and that I'd sent mine to Amy and it's got safely to its destination a wee while ago - oh dear senior moment there then!

The Calico Cat said...

For 1/2 a second I though this was a different swap - I am done with this one - YAY! (Heart rate returning to normal.)