Saturday 26 July 2008

Second round update

Hello everyone - just a note on the second round of this swap, as I said I might start taking signups in early August - I've decided to push the dates back a little and not begin taking signups until later in August - part of this is that I'm just too busy! But also, there are still two outstanding quilts from the previous round and I'd quite like to get these finished off before I start again. I'm still looking at a completion date of October, but probably right near the end.

Thanks to all of you who responded to my survey - the information will be helpful when it comes time to start the second round. I think that for the second round, I will offer the option of choosing to make and receive an art quilt* - if I get at least 10-12 people who would be interested in that option, we'll run an art quilt sub-set - but rest assured, it will only be an option, and there will be plenty of participants who wish to stick to something more traditional.

*in this context, I am using "art quilt" to cover a range of possibilities - from something using fairly traditional materials but in a modern, free-form construction (like what Lorraine or I made in round 1) to something much freer - for instance, a mixed-media construction like Lynda made.


Mom said...

Oh darn you!!...I told myself "no more swaps for me this fall", not until the beginning of 2009. I want to finish a few of my own projects, complete some awaiting Project Linus quilts, etc. I am behind on my photo albums. Not to mention that my son starts school in Sept and I go back to work then too. Having 4 months off in the summer taints my perception of what is real!! If there is any way to streach the amount of time for the swap into early November, I might be pursuaded into another...

Wil said...

That is great! You know that I love artquilts, so this comment will not be a surprise for you :-))