Thursday 3 July 2008

Update update

Since yesterday, I've heard from a few more people, and am happy to say that now:

Of the 41 quilts in this swap:
  • 24 have been received by their new owners
  • 13 have been mailed but not yet received
  • 1 is finished but not yet mailed (there are special circumstances here)
  • 3 are still being worked on, but I'm in contact with the makers, and it's ok

At least one person has asked about a "grand reveal" - and yes, there will be something of the sort on the blog when the quilts are all sent and received - a post (with photos) of who made what for whom. But it will be a little longer before we get to that point, so you'll just have to be patient and work it out from the comments and from visiting everyone's blogs!

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