Monday 11 August 2008


Ok, folks - that's it. There are now 70 people signed up for this swap and frankly, that's enough. There will be 13 swappers in the art group, which should work just fine - and that makes 57 people in the traditional section. Including - not to go on about this TOO much, but I think it's kinda cool - THREE guys (yes, "guys" in the sense of male quilters). But don't get me wrong - I'm delighted to have all you ladies, as well.

Here's the geographical breakdown (because I like these sorts of things):
  • 38 quilters from the US
  • 8 quilters from the UK
  • 10 quilters from Australia
  • 4 quilters from Canada
  • 2 quilters from the Netherlands
  • and one each from: France, Turkey, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Luzembourg, Italy and Chile

It will take me about a week to work out who partners whom; emails will go out once I've worked it all out. For the time being, if I have received an email from you asking to be included in the swap, I have responded and listed your name in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait! I'm already finding myself distracted at work as ideas keeping popping in my head for possible designs!

black bear cabin said...

So it begins! :D

SewAmy said...

I missed it. Hopefully next time.

Carl@ said...

I missed it. Hopefully next time

susan said...

oh i am getting excited!!and three guys!! woohoo!! thats one more than dqs4!