Tuesday 19 August 2008

Partners done!

Well, it's done- all the partners have been emailed out. If you haven't received your partner information, please let me know and I'll try again. Otherwise, go to it - happy creating! And don't forget, though you are welcome to share progress on your blog or directly to me or whatever, please don't send your quilt off until at least October and please don't tell who your partner is.

In the end, we have 15 people in the art quilt section of the swap and 55 in the traditional section. I've already told you about the geographical distribution - that hasn't changed. We have a wide range of quilting styles and ability levels and I've done my best to match people up to appropriate partners (which doesn't mean you might not have to stretch a little!). Have fun!


The Calico Cat said...

Did you get my note on a question that I would like you to ask before I get deep into my project?

black bear cabin said...

woohoo! i have a pattern picked out and im ready to go! looking forward to another fabulous swap :)