Saturday 26 June 2010

Quilt no 25

Flowers in my Garden
This is a two sided wall hanging and is called "Flowers in my Garden".

The "Retro Pinks" side (above and detail below) is raw edged machine applique hand stitched on top with embroidery floss to "rough up" the flowers and flower beds. It represents when everything is in full bloom.

The "Dreaming of Flowers Emerging" side (bottom, and second from bottom) is a mini Irish Chain machine sewn together then hand quilted with quilting thread. The yo-yo flowers were hand stitched onto the background flower beds. This side represents the quietness that exists just before everything starts to burst forth from the ground.

Both sides are quilted to the cotton batting but not to each other. The fabrics are all cotton and taken from my fat quarter collection.

Flowers in my Garden: Dreaming of Flowers Emerging


dq said...

Two sided is a nice idea. It is lovely.

Oops-Lah said...