Thursday 22 July 2010

First arrival!

Well ladies and gents, we have our first arrival - yes, that was quick, but it was from one part of Australia to another, and the sender sent it by a quick method.

It's a nice coincidence that this one arrived first, because Penny's quilt was the very last to arrive home last time - by about 2 months - we thought it had been lost in the post on its travels from the UK to Australia (which luckily it hadn't). I'm not going to show which quilt it was, just yet, because that might spoil part of the surprise for others who had this quilt on their list, but I will do a full reveal once everyone (or nearly everyone, if we have some stragglers) has had their quilts.

Can't wait to see more of them rolling in!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WoooHooo...glad it has arrived safely...I am assuming it was my quilt as I did send it Express Post...but I will post this comment anonymously to keep the secret...he he he