Monday 7 February 2011

The Great Sort Out

Well, I have lists in from everyone, and I have made a tentative pairing up of quilts with new owners. However, I am going to (not tonight!) check and double check it to make sure that a)I haven't given the same quilt to two different people, b) everyone has a quilt and c)the quilt they are scheduled to receive does actually appear on their request list (which means going back through the emails just to double check everything was enterred into the spreadsheet correctly). If all that works, I'll be ready to send info to people about where to send their little quilts. But expect it to take a few more days!

If you think I may not have your address, feel free to email it to me now. I know I have a lot of them from previous swaps and some of you have sent it when you sent your lists, but of course, I can't ask your new quilt's maker to send the quilt to you if I don't have your address...

When I do send the mailing info, I will also ask if you want to know in advance what quilt you'll be getting - that way, those who want a surprise will get one, and those who don't, won't.

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